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Percentages of Max for reps?


TL;DR explanation. Feel free to skip this part.

So recently at my school, I was told essentially outright that if I keep dropping the weights (bumpers, on platforms) they would either kick me out or ban oly lifting. Apparently, according the two overweight female directors I spoke with, it "scares the girls from using the gym". There are many gyms, and I can't go into how unfair this is. If we get a weightlifting club together, we can drop weights and yell and shit but only at club times. Can't get a club together till Fall 2011 because of faggotry, despite the fact that we have all our paperwork in order due to us being a club last year that was dismissed due to them not telling us we were on probation for too little attendance. I will get in trouble, bad, if I get reported much more for breaking the rules (dropping weights), which will happen if I go really heavy in the snatch and clean and jerk daily as I do now. The workers monday and wednesday will report me. However, the Indian guy on Friday is awesome, actually lifts, and won't report me for that type of stuff. I can only afford to drop weights Friday.


I want to practice the full lifts on Monday but I cannot drop them, work on the hang lifts on wednesday and cannot drop them, and go heavy with the full lifts friday - I can drop weights this day (and squatting and other shit but thats not relevant, and saturday I cannot do oly lifts).

If I am doing snatches for sets across on Monday and then hang snatches Wednesday (same for cleans and hang cleans) what percentage of 1RM should I use for:

2 reps?
3 reps?
How about the same rep counts for the hang lifts (as a percentage of the full lift)?
How about jerks, what percentage of max clean and jerk?

I know its different per lifter, but any help would be appreciated. I figure for 3 reps, go 90%, and for 2 go 92-95%. For the hang lifts I have been going 85% for 3.

For example, my max snatch is 90, so if I do hang snatches I do usually 3-5 sets of 3 reps at 75 kg (85%).

If I miss a lift, I can drop it, but on Monday and Wednesday, I really can only afford to miss one lift (maybe two if its not that loud). Friday shouldn't be an issue.

The whole situation sucks but I don't have a car and can't get anywhere else right now. The summer will be much better.

Again, thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


Prilepin's table would be a good place to start. If you really want to practice these lifts unencumbered, you can stop by SSPT as Ive told you before. We are metro accessible (Twinbrook station then take the 10, J5, or C4 bus to Braxfield Court if you dont want to walk a mile). You can do homework or read on the metro if you want to multitask.


I will take a look at it, and thanks again for reminding me about SSPT. I have looked into it, and right now I don't think I have enough time during the week to get out there based on my class schedule. However, it might be something that I could do on weekends actually, which would be great. I am taking a look at the Metro map online right now.

I'm also looking into Prelipin's table, thanks!


Why don't you take this opportunity to focus on your back and front squat form? Work on both standing and seated good mornings as well. Then bar work. That way you let your wrist and ankle rest and heal up a bit.

Maybe only perform the hang lifts once a week to rest that wrist of yours... When performing your hang snatches/cleans don't be surprised if you have to drop your percentage down to even 70-75% of your normal lifts as it is very taxing holding onto the bar; controlling the descent; and not dropping it.

I highly recommend SGDLs from a Deficit... maybe perform them once a week.


Not a bad idea to work on back squat form. My front squats usually look pretty good, but I can take a look.

I have been doing goodmornings standing as more of a stretch but do you think it would be good going heavy with it?

The wrist injury is healing nicely, it hasn't bothered me in a while actually which is good, happy about that. I do need to take jerks ligher, especially for reps. I've only been doing the hang lifts once per week, and luckily that doesn't hurt the wrist.

Do you think that doing lifts at only 70-75% is enough to create a training stimulus?

What is a SGDL? Is that SLDL? Like stiff leg deadlift? Or am I mistaking it with a different exercise?

EDIT: Is SGDL a Snatch Grip deadlift? That would make sense. Would it be a good idea to do those and then follow up with clean grip deadlifts at a higher weight (because the clean grip can be done heavier. Essentially treating the snatch grip deadlift like a warmup.)?

Thanks for the help!


My apologies, I was in Cambodia for two days...

Yes, the SGDL is the Snatch-Grip Deadlift; but perform it with a Deficit of 4-6 inches either by standing on a platform, or on plates, and/or using smaller diameter disks to lower the bar down to just the top of your feet... that extra long pull will do wonders for you!

Here are a couple of links for you:




Regarding the Standing and Seated Good Mornings...

Yes, continue to use them for stretching and definitely increase the weight and do some heavy sets as well... just take your time... use perfect form... perform them slowly... focus and concentrate on every single rep... you will see a lot of carry over to your front and back squats! On the Standing version make sure to stick that butt out to initiate the movement; that is very important!

I practiced the Seated Good Morning, with the bar only, for nearly a month and a half before my coach would let me add weight or even attempt the Standing Version. I had to be able to touch my stomach, chest, and chin (in that order) down on the bench and hold it for a five-count before I was even allowed to add the first plates on the bar. When I hit 60kg on the Seated version I was then allowed to start the Standing version. I am now performing a 115kg Seated and a 105kg Standing both for 5-6 reps and with a Three-Count Pause at the bottom position... aiming for a 140kg Seated and 120kg Standing for multiple reps in a month or two or three!

Here is a helpful link:


I can not stress enough that one should take care when performing Good Mornings... do not underestimate this exercise ever... even a 2kg weight increase will kick you in the ass!


For Motivation...


Thanks for the help and the articles to look at. I have read some before but I will look again. I'll start incorporating the deficit SGDLs and Goodmornings (already do standing, I'll do some seated too) to my training and see how I do.

Lucky that guy in the picture can get the weight up, otherwise he'd squish his face. I think I will sit a bit farther forward on the bench.