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Percentages for 5x10 Portions of 2x2x2


Recently I was informed that the VA in my city operates a free gym for vets that I can utilize to get back into the swing of things with regard to 5/3/1. Because of my schedule, I’ve decided that 2x2x2 is going to be the best template for me to utilize. It seems like a very straightforward program, but I do want to make sure I understand it fully.

Specifically, my question revolves around the recommended percentages for the 5x10 portion of the Hypertrophy phase, as well as the 5x10 portion of the Strength phase. I have the original book and the percentages for the SST sets, but want to make sure I know what I should be doing for the other portions. I saw very good results when I followed the BBB challenge to the letter, and don’t want to be just putting any weight on the bar for the parts that aren’t specified.

Thanks and Happy New Year all!


5x10 can be ladder sets or straight sets. I’m basing this advise off of the explanation in the 2nd edition BBB template. In the 2nd Edition on the two days a week training, option 2 talks about pushing the assistance, hard, heavy and high volume. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t use percentages for this assistance, just shoot for 5 sets of 10 reps, add weight each week until you can’t get 5 sets of 10 reps, and push yourself until you can, rinse and repeat.


This depends greatly on your TM. The general rule of thumb is that if you are a beginner/intermediate and can’t SMASH your 5x10 with FSL, your TM is too high or you have NO heart.

If you are advanced, you just choose the weight that you want to do/have to do. Usually around 50-55% but no higher. This is something I learned from OLY lifters in the 60-70’s.

So it’s kind of nice to have a litmus test for all the “training max must be SUPER HIGH” people who don’t understand how this works.

Case in point - we started kids on Krypteia program with 85% TM. Today, after 9 weeks, all did their TM for 8-20 reps. So we added 15 pounds to their TM and added 3-15 reps.

Yes, this works. Yes, the program kicks ass if you are willing to work.


Krypteia will be in the new book, correct?


Thanks for the advice guys!