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Percentage Training

So over the past week I read Black book of training secrets, Muscle revolution, and Poliquin principles. I really like Chad’s style of programs so I’m going to make one with his parameters to finish my cut. I was on my forth week of the Star complexes and I won’t be able to get access to the equipment at my school as it’s closed and I will be out of town. In most of Chad’s parameters it says 8x3 or 10x3 at 80%.

Should I just let the reps dictate how much I do? There are outside influences that can factor in such as muscle fiber composition. I’m not exactly sure where I am on the spectrum. I would think I have more type II fibers from doing oly/power lifting and track and field for five years. Basically should I just let the reps dictate how much weight I do?

Basically you should stop listening to all of that awful bullshit. Basically.