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Percentage training, yes no?


Has any one ever used training percentages in their set/rep schemes?
I was thinking about a 3 week linear progression for the main lifts based on pyramiding.

Any thoughts?

  • Chase


Really? Countless people have done this, almost every powerlifting program out there is based on this to some degree or another (linear periodization). It's not rocket science, and if you're looking for more answers opinion just go read the countless threads on 5/3/1 on here.


This belongs in powerlifting IMO.


I put it in the body building section to see what people use them in a pyramid scheme. My football coach has us doing say 8 at 65% 6 at 70% 4@ 75/80%.. schemes like that, is that kind of thing really beneficial for getting bigger? I personally would like to stick to just ramping .. 3, 3, 3, 3, then some singles kind of deal. Ramping seems to be the thing here in tnation, so i was curious to know how many people still do that kind of thing.

  • Chase



[/quote] I was thinking about a 3 week linear progression for the main lifts based on pyramiding.

Any thoughts? [/quote]

Is that a whole 3 weeks ? :confused:

Please see KingBeef's thread about programming for bodybuilding, as well as Stu, Synergy, and ProfX threads stickied on top of the page.


No it's not.



Some of the set/reps listed in that thread should indirectly answer your question.


Not to sound like an egotistical ass hole but I'm not a beginner asking for a routine. I program my own lol. In general, I just wanted to know if any of you body builders have ever used percentages and what success has been made with them.

KingBeef is a good guy, nice post.


trying some percentages on my bench but only just started and im quite aggressive with the increases.

last few weeks ive turned a 6 rep max as:

10 sets of 3 (30 rep total)

7 sets of 5 (35 rep total)

(next week hopefully)

7 sets of 6 (42 rep total)


If your goal is size, all that matters is time under tension. The working mechanisms of your body have no idea what percentage of your max is in your hands or on your back. There certainly is a hormonal load response that increases with intensity but, duration can become intensity (i.e. an extended time under tension).

So, 3 sets of 10 of whatever percentage is not optimal to size gains if you are not paying attention to the amount of time it takes to get the reps completed.


Thank you for the thought Storm


The underemphasis on full clarification in the OP is seeming to become the norm in the T-Nation forums


wasn't directed at you Chase


welcome to online forums. i am new on this one but have been frequenting various forums for nearly 10 years. i see [mostly] the same things happen on each one. like the reg/experts slacking on explaining things again and again and again and again......