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How do you calculate the PE for a food? What does PER stand for?

PER stands for Protein Efficiency Ratio. It’s basically a measure of the quality of protein found in a food. It’s not as comprehensive as another measure of protein quality, the PDCAAS (or protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score), which measures both the protein’s digestibility in addition to the amounts of actual amino acids the protein contains. Any nutrition textbook or guide should give you values for certain foods. Here are a few common ones: Egg white-100 (basically a “top” score), chicken - 100, beef-100, tuna-100, kidney beans - 68, pork - 63, oats - 57. As you can see, animal proteins tend to be at the top due to their having complete proteins. Obviously these foods should form the basis of your bb diet. Sorry for the long post.