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Per. Free Test High But Total T is 326


So I just got the results back from "Hormone Panel for Males" taken last week. My TRT protocol at page bottom.

I was a little surprised my total T wasn't at least 500ng/dl but more surprised at the amount of Free T and that the %Free Testosterone was flagged as "High".

The results were (ng/dl):
T, Serum: 326 (249-836)
Free T: 16.92 (5.00-21.00)
%Free T: 5.19 HIGH (1.50-4.20)
Estradiol, Sensitive 24 PG/ML (3-70)

IGF-1 254 (109-284)

I didn't know a body could be so (efficient?) with it's total T to make so much of it bioavailable.

Anyone know why there could be such a discrepancy? I've taken many labs before (it's been about 6 months since previous lab) and never had so much "free T". Normally with a total T in the 300's I'd be thinking "up the dosage", but the T being so "available" I'm not sure I should change a thing. I didn't have my LH tested - and as I've always understood it, this test is negligible when on TRT.

Edited to add: One thing that has been added to my regimen in the last 6 months is Wellbutrin. It has increased my libido, among other things related to sex. (End of edit)

I have other lab results available upon request.

Protocol: 60mg T cyp every 4 days


When was your test in relation to your last T injection? It's possible that if your test was on Day 4 after your injection, then your Total is lowish but your Free is still good. Excellent E2 considering your infrequent dosing schedule. ARe you fairly lean?

One thing I notice is that you said you have libido problems. This COULD be a result of low DHT, and with your lowish Total T and highish Free T, this would make sense (more of your T stays "free" instead of aromatizing to E2 or converting to DHT via 5AR). Have you ever taken hair loss meds or anything for prostate?

You're right that having LH tested while on TRT is useless. You want to get it done on your first round of bloodwork to ensure it is ~0 as anything higher can potentially indicate a tumor or a too low T dose, but after that it is not necessary.


Hey man, thanks for the reply. I was just about to edit my post - the test was taken on the day of the injection, before I injected (in the morning).

Actually, libido and ejaculating at the drop of a hat, is increased on Wellbutrin. It's good stuff unless you have premature ejac issues =>)

Yes, I am lean and in the best shape I've ever been, especially looks-wise.

It's good to hear less of my T is converting to DHT =>) I've slowly been losing my hair for about 18 years. Never taken anything for prostate. I took finasteride for my only "steroid cycle" (10 weeks 500mg weekly) almost 2 years ago (this was Post TRT). Other than that I haven't touched hair loss products; I haven't had any of the dubious effects (I'm vaguely familiar with) that finasteride can cause in a few.

Another thing, my IGF-1 was probably increased because it was the day after a leg workout. I've had that test before, about a year ago, and it was in the 150's or something like that. More proof, for me anyway, that I should consistently workout my legs for the increase in growth hormone (I know IGF-1 is related to growth hormone, just not sure how directly).

I'm still debating my dosing protocol.


Careful there.... while high DHT is problematic as I'm sure you've been told, LOW DHT leads to low libido and sexual performance issues. This is not understood by most doctors (including mine). You don't want it too low.

How old are you?


Hey there, thanks.

I'm 39.


This may be why (per VTBalla's post)


So you feel great, look great, and are having no issues? Then I'd say you found your sweet spot.

I don't know much about IGF-1...



I guess the only real question is why the "% free testosterone" was flagged as high. Normally high is bad and could indicate a "condition" of some sort. I'm also not sure why they have a window of "normal" percent free T to begin with. May be hard, and not worth, getting to the bottom of it =>) I could ask a doc and they MIGHT know.

So what's the deal with keeping E from getting too high. I'd just like to know this if/when I consider changing my protocol. Does pinning less freqently (at high or low doses) lead to more estrogen?


%FT is a bullshit number. I THINK it is the ratio of your Free T to a combination of Total T, SHBG, and Albumin. Or at least calculated using those somehow.

Basically, it is absolutely useless. A lot of men with Low T are tagged as high %FT due to this, when their symptoms certainly do not indicate too much Free T.

I would mostly toss this result out the window.

Re: E2 aromatization. Yes, pinning less frequently can increase E2 spikes. It is best to keep your T levels at a nice steady level as E2 response is most predictable when levels are stable and arimidex is easier to dose as you don't have a moving target. Increasing cortisol production line also seems to help, but that is not discussed much on this forum. You can find that information elsewhere.


Thanks for the info. I'll use that info for my dosing protocol

BTW - nice deadlift, man! That's some serious poundage.