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$ Per Day on Supplements?

Hey guys, I was thinking about it and I realized that I probably spend $10-12 a day on supplements. I guess that is kind of a lot…especially considering that I do not make money from my body as a bodybuilder, athlete, or model. However, I am going to be a trainer soon. Is this too much to be spending for an 18 year old? My parents pretty much take care of it but Im sure that I will have to soon. Any advice would be appreciated. How much do you guys (and gals) think you spend a day?

That isn’t a bad number, assuming you are including protein, oils and other essentials. I tend not to even count these essentials and will only put a dollar number when i am spending on Mag-10, Tribex, things along these lines. But once you are paying for it yourself it probably will seem like a lot. Best wishes with the trainer gig.

Do supplements include food?

I’m probably down around $4 per day, maybe less. I only use Surge on training days, and try to get most of my calories from real food.

about $3

Surge and Low-Carb Grow! are about the only ones I use on a regular basis

4 scoops of Grow! a day
2 scoops of Surge a day
does tuna count?


my budget runs about $15-17/day. This includes everything–I use lots of protein powder, EFA/fish oils, creatine, pro-steroids, etc. So, your expenditures don’t seem out of line to me. However, when you spend this much on “supplements” you’d better have perfect discipline and be getting great results; otherwise it’s hard to justify the cost.


2-3 dollars a day.

multi’s, vit C, E, B = $2
oils (pills or liquid) = $1
protein powders or other MRPS = $1-2

can’t imagine spending more than 4-5 bucks on supps any given day unless you were taking steroids. but its pretty amazing how a few dollars a day can make a HYOOGE difference.

I am not sure dollar wise but;

Fish oil/EFA
Vitamin C
Red Bands
Alpha Male

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the insight. Crowbar, I think the main fault of my training until recently was a definite lack of consistency. I have found it hard in the past to stick to one goal/program…but I am definetly doing better and hope to post some pictures further along in the progression. Thanks again everyone

well, I’m actually spending at least twice what my gym memebership is on supplements each month. It’s kinda bad now that I think about it.