Per aspera ad astra (strongman Koestrizer)

You are just doing that to make me lift more. Good job mate

My pleasure if it helps, haha.

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1 log lift (clean once)
3 @ 100 kg
3 @ 108 kg
3 @ 115 kg - easy PR
3 x 5 @ 98 kg

2 paused incline board press
3 x 5 @ 97,5 kg

Great to get another increase.

3 wide grip cable row
4 x 8-10 @ 12,14,15,

4a db incline triceps extensions
6 @ 30 kg - too heavy
3 x 8-10 @ 22,5 kg

4b external shoulder rotation with arm on thing
4 x 10-12 @ 10 kg


  • had only one rest day after deadlifts and accordingly bad soreness. But after a short nap, I weirdly had a lot of energy and decided to go today instead of tomorrow. Was a great workout.

Hell yea!



Lower body deload.

1 squat
3 x 5 @ 120 kg

2 deadlift
3 x 5 @ 150 kg

3a ghd sit ups
3 x 15

3b belt squat
3 x 15 @ 3 plates per side



1 paused log lift (clean once)
10 x 3 @ 94 kg

2a pull ups
5 x 1 @ 16 kg
1 x 2 @ 16 kg

2b deadlift (deload)
3 x 3 @ 180 kg

3a dips
4 @ 32 kg - SO close to 5
4 @ 32 kg - not close to 5
3 x 6 @ 20 kg

3b pulls ups (bw)
4 x 4

4a supine external shoulder rotation slight incline
3 x 12 @ 5 kg

4b alternating db hammer curls
3 x max reps @ 20 kg

4c lateral raises
3 x max reps @ 12,5 kg

5 ring pullaparts
2 x 10 @ bw

Pumped up like a balloon!



Returned from my weekend getaway with study colleagues. Was a stressful drive with road blockage. It was quite late so did this:

Ergometer cycling
30 minutes @ 130 watts, >70 rpm

Currently in a crazy mixture of emotions, thoughts and (in)stabilities (for various personal reasons). But at least work stress should theoretically decrease for a short stress before we push for the final exams.

Yeah I feel like writing a bit tonight.

A note from work experiences over the last few weeks:
I am dealing quite well with all sorts of stuff and fates I come in contact with at work. I am very resilient in this context. I for example liked working in hospice and always prioritized terminal patients in the hospital with the utmost care and empathy without it impacting me negatively (beyond a normal amount). I really thrive in these contexts because it can be hugely fulfilling and the gratitude and overwhelming feeling of thankfulness those patients express, tops everything you get from most people who will actually leave the hospital. Believe it or not (if you have no experience), one can make a huge difference in someone’s life in such a situation. And it really, really matters.
Anyway, got off topic.

Psychiatry is the first department I find scary and I am noticing a negative impact on myself. This is not as ‘easy’ to deal with for me personally than most things I encounter in acute care or even palliative care. We will all die, we will all be in a lot of pain.
However it is scary to see what can happen to the soul and minds of people through neurodegenerative or mental diseases. The enclosed stations offer you a a whole new perspective on that topic, no matter how educated you thought you were.
Also the whole… Overall tone is ‘weird’ for the lack of a better word. I shouldn’t have watched a movie on a 1950s asylum last weekend. While I assure you nothing like that is going on here, I still feel a bit extra weird being one of the people who carries a key that opens those doors, patients aren’t permitted to go through. Doesn’t help that my uniform resembles that of a typical 1950s movie psych ward … person. Which is a coincidence because I wear that in every part of the hospital, haha.

I think the reason I find it scary is that it feels like it touches on familiar topics, that are close and filled with an ever enduring and patient fear, that seems to follow me around.
Also: Be mindful with the drugs, folks. I’m not saying don’t take drugs and I understand too much about it to blame people personally if they got a misuse disorder. But shit can get scary.



1 log lift
1 @ 100 kg
1 @ 110 kg
1 @ 120 kg
1 @ 125 kg - PR!
0 @ 130 kg
2 x 0 @ 127,5 kg

2 paused incline board press
4 @ 100 kg - very close to 5 (wanted that as the final for this block).

3a btn strict press (touching the traps every rep)
4 x 10 @ 50 kg
1 x 10 @ 60 kg
1 x 6 @ 70 kg - for beltless and ultra strict, I’m certain this is a PR

3b cable row (wide overhand grip)
6 x 12-15

4 overhead cable triceps extensions
3 x max. Reps @ stack 5,6,7


  • On the one hand I’m happy to get a PR on a lift that is notoriously difficult for me to make any progress on.
    On the other hand this is still below the new benchmark of the league I’m currently competing in… So yeah. Not easy to not compare yourself in this scenario.

And on a whole other hand again I’m just not in an emotional state to feel any kind of positivity for my accomplishment. I probably would have shown the same lack of reaction if I actually made the 130 kg.
Whatever. Progress ist progress


We’re gonna focus on this part, my friend!

Well done and congratulations—it was awesome to watch.


The way 125 moved I thought you had 130 in you! Great PR in any case!

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Thank you, guys @SvenG @heretolog :slight_smile:

It isn’t far, I think. I didn’t take a deload before and the weekend was quite exhausting as well. I might maybe take another shot next week because I’m not sure in which direction to go with pressing anyway.


Damn nice work sir.

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and the PR’s keep raining in here. Quality

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Ah well it seems rarer and rarer these days to PR on a core lift. Funny enough that it feels like I’m still up for the most progress on my overhead, which is already my speciality. But let’s hope for a deadlift PR as well in a bit.

Depending on the events release I might compete after all this year at the start of May. If I don’t, I will also try to have another go with the barbell overhead.

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My back is feeling the max out a bit today.

Also weirdly woke up at below 120 kg body weight. Not for a lack of beer last weekend.

1 squat (wraps, a bit looser)
2 x 5 @ 170 kg
1 x 4 @ 170 kg

I didn’t fail a rep but my wrap went bye bye before my 5th, so I racked it .

2 paused deadlifts (deadlift bar)
3 x 3 @ 180 kg

3 ssb squats (beltless; quad focused)
3 x 8 @ 102 kg

Yeah got a new member who brought his ssb!

4 ghd sit ups
3 x 10 @ 5 kg


  • good session, I think. I hope it will leave me fresh enough for heavy pulls on friday. Lately my body seems to be unable to keep up recovery wise even if I don’t do that much volume.
  • the plan is to have this as the lighter and squat focused lower body day, while I deadlift heavy on Fridays

Ergometer cycling
60 minutes @ 130 watts, >70 rpm (70-75), 25,59 km



1a paused log lift (deload)
5 x 2 @ 100 kg

So piss easy.

2a dips
5 @ 32 kg - PR. Finally!
6 @ 24 kg
2 x 10 @ bw

2b lat pull down
10 @ stack 15
8 @ 17
12 @ 14
Btn pull downs:
10 @ 12
10 @ 11
10 @ 10

3a seated db biceps curls
15 kg

3b external shoulder rotation
10 kg

3c seated lateral raises
10 kg

Did 3 sets to failure on each.


  • good and not too hard session. If I feel good, I might try for a heavy log again next week. I feel like I didn’t display all that is there currently.


1 deadlift (deadlift bar)
2 @ 225 kg
3 x3 @ 195 kg

2 farmer’s walk
3 x (4x10m) @ 105 kg per hand

3 simulated monster dumbbell windmills
3 x 5 per side @ 44 kg


I will compete this season after all. I’m doing a league competition on the 7th of May. Event details haven’t been released but it looks like:

  1. giant dumbbell for reps: 70 kg
  2. deadlift ladder: 220-240-260-280 kg (for reps) [lol]
  3. clean & press ladder with a barbell
  4. farmer’s walk for max (adding weight every 10 meter, similar to what I did last year with a frame)

It’s gonna be an insanely heavy show which is in tune (sadly) with the way strongman is evolving here. The events are interesting enough for me to be interested regardless. Deadlift I’ll aim for the first two bars. Dumbbell I have no idea if 70 kg is realistic for me. Rest no clue although I did surprisingly well on the farmer’s format when we did it with a frame.


Ergometer cycling
60 minutes @ 140 watts, < 70 rpm, 25 km

It was hard fir the first time. Makes sense for the day behind me and the time of day. I’ll probably do 140 watts again before I increase