Per aspera ad astra (strongman Koestrizer)


1 deadlift (simulated longhorn bar)
1 @ 180 kg
1 @ 205 kg
1 @ 220 kg
3 x 1 @ 180 kg

Okay I intended to stop at 205 kg but I tried something new with the belt and grip and it seems to work. I had to test it with 5 plates and will now use it in comp.

2 18" deadlift
2 @ 220 kg

3 45° back raises
3 x 15

4 unilateral hip thrust
2 x 10


  • deadlift taper done. Next week only one last very light deload session.


1 overhead medley no.1
barbell - axle - log - log
2 runs @ 75 kg - 86 kg - 96 kg - 106 kg

2 overhead medley no.2
circus dumbbell - keg - axle - log
2 runs @ 45 kg - 87 kg - 81 kg - 96 kg

3 lat pull down
3 x 12 @ stack 13



1 yoke walk
4 x 15m @ 225 kg

2 farmer’s walk
2 x 30m (3x10m lanes) @ 95 kg


Extra long walk today (2 hours).

I feel increasingly sedentary and fat during this peak, since I prioritized recovery over anything else. Happy that it’s almost game time.



Last pre comp session

1 deadlift (simulated longhorn bar)
3 x 2 @ 160 kg

2 log lift
3 x 3 @ 86 kg

3 hurdle jumps
5-7 x 4 or so

4 power snatches
3 x 2 @ 50 kg


This week was/ is hell. Got bad news after bad news and it’s overwhelming me. Food intake hasn’t been optimal (still at 120.0 kg so it’s okay) and sleep obviously bad. Gotta focus on getting in big time calories on Friday and the remainder of today.
Can’t say I expect a huge performance but maybe all this shit helps to push me over the edge so to say.

Thinking of you mate and hoping things get better for you,

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Kraeftemessen unter Freunden 3

I weighed in with 119,4 kg which is the lightest I have been for a competition since my beginner comp days. The week leading up to this was very difficult (or as I said above: Hell) and I kept dropping weight which wasn’t on purpose.
The comp was organized by a mate of mine and as last year, he put a lot of thought and effort into it. Which made it a bit uncool that a lot of people dropped out on short notice and we ended up only being 6 guys. But it was a great afternoon and holy shit I am fucking dead!
Also this was the coldest it has been for a comp of mine (below 0° C)

Event 1: Overhead medley
barbell - axle - log - big wooden log
75 kg - 85 kg - 95 kg - 106 kg

Finished in 28 sec. and 3rd place. I struggled a bit with the last log because it wasn’t smoothly round. That ended up costing me.

Event 2: Longhorn bar deadlift for max
We had 5 attempts to reach a max weight.

210 kg :ballot_box_with_check:
222,5 kg :ballot_box_with_check:
232,5 kg :ballot_box_with_check:
242,5 kg :negative_squared_cross_mark:

5th place

I passed on my 5th for which I would have had to repeat my 4th.
I went for a small 2,5 kg PR attempt instead of playing some kind of strategy. The 232,5 kg were good enough but still 7,5 kg below my best deadlift. I may be disappointed but not in the slightest surprised, given how my deadlift has done leading up to this. This is an ever continuing body of work…

Event 3: tire flip into chain + tire drag
weights: 210 kg and HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS IS HEAVY!

Finished in 53:85 sec and left everything out there. Only earned me 4th place.

Time to make up some ground… well if it wasn’t for the next one.

Event 4 -mystery event: bag over bar

Oh well… I have only done this once and it was in a competition and I failed horribly (and did a funny backwards roll when I lost a bag forward)

14 kg - 16 kg - 18 kg - 20 kg - 22 kg

Got 14 and 16 kg. Then took 5 attempts but got 18 kg within the time limit!

Well I might not have the technique or the power… but i have the grit!!

4th place

Event 5 - another mistery event: Yoke into sandbag over yoke

220 kg yoke, 100 kg sandbag which had to be loaded over the yoke for 12 m

Very light weights but holy shit I was smoked at this point. A 220 kg yoke is a fast sprint for me though.

24.76 sec and 2nd place here.

Event 6: Frame of will power

A frame with 30mm handles had to be carried for 8 meter, set down and was loaded with an additional 20 kg. You then had 15 seconds to pick it up again and start the 8m.

I was dreading this one a lot because my comically small fingers and grip struggles but I had to dig deep and deliver on this last event and a good amount of hours in.

160 kg :ballot_box_with_check:
180 kg :ballot_box_with_check:
200 kg :ballot_box_with_check:
220 kg :ballot_box_with_check:
240 kg :ballot_box_with_check:
260 kg :ballot_box_with_check:
280 kg :negative_squared_cross_mark: - SO freaking close! I really thought I had it.

This was still good enough for a shared 2nd place (only because each fully done distance counted, otherwise I wouldn’t have to share the place because the other guy didn’t budge 280 kg).


I landed in third place. This wasn’t a league comp, there were only 6 competitors there … and still I think I did pretty well all things considered and am happy about my 3rd place. Also a guy took professional photos so those will be cool to have. Most importantly I had a great time with great people!



I think I have been run over by a truck. I don’t remember the incident but I very much feel the aftermath of it.

Next comp ist the 3rd of December before I enter into a long off season.
Events are:

  1. 18" deadlift with power bar for max (3 attempts)
  2. overhead medley: Monster db (45 kg) - keg (70 kg) - axle (80 kg) - log (95 kg)
  3. yoke walk 300 kg for 15m
  4. carry and drag medley (100 kg sandbag into ??? kg sled)
  5. Dinnie stone hold (total weight 200 kg) for time

The good thing is that the events are pretty similar to yesterday’s. So I am decently prepared.


Wanted to start with a light training but I am still very fatigued and feel a cold coming, so I’ll try to be smart and push that back a bit. I will be fine if I get a 18" session and a yoke one in.

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And so you bloody well should be. Quality job, well done mate


Thank you buddy!

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Awesome work at the comp. Next one is right around the corner too!

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Originally wanted to go tomorrow but needed a diversion today. Don’t do this at home, kids.

1 18" deadlift
Up to
1 @ 220 kg
1 @ 240 kg - probably opener
1 @ 260 kg - moved very good. Probably an easy second
2 x 3 @ 220 kg

2 low bar squat (reintroducing this after a few months off)
5 @ 60 kg
5 @ 100 kg
3 @ 120 kg
2 x 3 @ 140 kg

3 LISS airbike (legs only)
10 min/ 5,25 km/ 80 kcal


Hows the body feeling after a few days of rest ?

Not too bad joint/ muscle/ pain wise but tbh cns wise I currently feel like I want to go into hibernation, haha.


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Yeah lots of that, haha. Weight has stabilized again though. 120,4 kg this morning which is right where I want to be.
Also I’m proud to say that I’m making an effort to prioritize sleep. Most of that has probably just to do with winter and fatigue but still. Also right now I’m not suffering from the same type of insomnia I so often do periodically. That helps. If I can hold that up for another week, I should be in a great spot for my last comp.

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Tired, fatigued, a bit hungover… Maybe a bit sick? Hopefully not.

1 overhead medley
Circus dumbbell - keg - axle - log
Ca. 48 kg - 87 kg - 81 kg - 96 kg
3 runs

2 yoke
3 x 15m @ 305 kg