Per aspera ad astra (strongman Koestrizer)

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Btw: I enjoyed your recent video with commentary. I always thought you would make a good “fitness youtuber”. A lot of people could learn a lot of stuff from you!

Thanks so much for that man, I really appreciate it!


Was very tired from work but got in the gym anyway. For some reason I decided to challenge myself and did not use a belt for the whole workout.

  1. paused front squat - 57,5 x3/ 67,5 x3/ 77,5 x3
  2. back squats - 2x8 with 87,5kg
  3. walking lunges - 3x10 (total steps, so 5 per leg) with 25-30kg (don’t know exact bar weight)
  4. overhead carry with 25kg plate
  5. weighted plank - 2x 60 seconds with 20kg on butt


  • was happy to hit all weights without a belt
  • third rep on last set of front squats might not have been the most beautiful but moved alright
  • I don’t know how to interpret the program when it says 3x10 for walking lunges. Last week I did 20 steps total (10 each leg), this week I went heavier and did 10 total steps. I think I prefer the heavier one as it emphasises the bracing better.
  • was a goog session. To be fair, i used to squat a good bit more in this rep range but life happens and I will build up again. I am happy for the moment

I, also, had never heard of Alan Thrall until you mentioned him.

Do you know where I can find this? I looked for a bit, but I didn’t see it anywhere.

Was it something he had in a video, or something in a forum post, or something else?

I got the program from his website (untamedstrength). I just had to subscribe to his newsletter. i wanted to provide you a link but he obviously changed his website layout and I can’t seem to find it anymore. I don’t know if you still get it for subscribing or not.


Worked out immediately after work. Felt pretty good though because I timed my food better this time and had a pretty good amount of coffee throughout the day and before my workout.

  1. OHP 4 x10 with 47,5kg
  2. DB one arm row 4x10 with 34kg (upper body parallel to the ground)
  3. Incline DB press 3x10 and 1x7 with 26kg
    4a. biceps curls 3x15 with whatever
    4b. triceps pushdowns 3x15 with band
  4. DB shrugs 2x15 with 40kg dbs


  • OHP was pretty good. Would like this weight to feel a little bit lighter but I am not good with multiple sets and reps. Used my belt for this today because my abs were sore aswell as my triceps and I wanted a little advantage so that I wouldn’t miss reps.
  • Pec felt better this time. Felt a slight bit of strain while incline pressing but not as bad as the last time. A physio at my gym said it may be an inflamation and rest would heal it. There is no bruising at all, so nothing is torn.
  • Did not plan to go to failure on the incline press. Maybe I missjudged the fatigue building up or it happened because I am quite new to the movement being a staple in my routine.
  • I don’t know why so many guys love the feeling of getting a pump. I don’t know if it is because my arms are pretty big but I don’t like it when they are pumped, I can barely reach the back of my head because my biceps nad forearms are pressing together. Combined with the chest pump I feel really inflexible, which I am not usually.


Weather crossed my plans to do event training again. So I went to the gym.

  1. Conventional Deadlift from the floor: 6x2 with 130kg
  2. SLDL: 3x8, first two with 60kg, last with 80kg
  3. OHP stability training (tried my best to copy Alpha): 4x8-10 with around 40kg (?)
  4. 2 rounds of weighted side planks and kneeling paloff-holds
  5. Drop set of static holds: 120,100 and 60kg for max time, only rest was stripping weights.


  • with the deadlifts I am still working on form. Weight was no problem at all. I have taken videos from all sets and after viewing them I can tell I am nowhere near perfect but I am starting to get better and more comfortable with the movement. Zero back issues this time. My problem seems to be the belt. My beltless warm up set looke pretty good and my last set was done with a higher belt position and looked better than most of the other sets. Also played around with different hip heights to work out what looks and feels best for me.
  • OHP stability training was fun. Thanks for the idea Alpha! I tried to replicate your setup as best as possible with what I had available.

Video: Feel free to drop suggestions and critique. I already know I have a lot more work to do but confidence is slowly coming around


Stationary bike for 1 hour. Trying to burn some calories, build a little aerobic conditioning and see if I recover faster from deadlifts. Was not as bad as it sounds, I could watch TV the whole time.

this is bad
you should look into different form of conditioning

seems like weather has caused you to change plans before
where in the world are you?
what kind of weather,rain ,snow,flood?

It was meant to aid recovery and worked for the hamstrings. I don’t really see this as conditioning.

Snow was the problem. I live in lower saxony, a federal state in germany.


I only slept about 4 hours, drove about 4 hours and had a seminar for 9 hours. After that I went to training. Was a little tired and abs and back were sore but wanted to train anyway. That was a good decision!

  1. push press 5rm - 80kg x5 + 82,5kg x5 PR!
  2. Z press - 2x8 with 40kg
  3. pull ups - 5 x6-8 band assisted
  4. face pulls - 5x20
  5. close grip floor press - 1x10 with 60kg, 1x12 with 60kg, 1x12 with 70kg
  6. bicep curls - 3 sets for some reps with some weight


  • 82,5kg is 92% of my all time push press PR. To hit this for 5 is really satisfying.
  • pull ups were terrible. I am either too fat or just too weak. Probably both.
  • chose close grip floor pres because I had the set up for that. I like that gym!
  • I really feel like I am getting stronger currently. Overhead is getting along.

if you were on stationary bike for recovery or warm up i can see it
the tv thing makes me think of people in gym wasting their time
used to have family in upper MICHIGAN,us,
went on vacation every year in winter love the snow
keep it up

Yeah snow is alrigth if you don’t have to drive or train outside :smiley:


  1. Paused front squats: x5, x3, x1 with 80kg
  2. back squat 2x8 with 95kg
  3. walking lunges 3x10 (5 each leg) with the same mysterious weight as last week
  4. back raises: BW x32
  5. plankes with 20kg on butt for 3 sets of 60 seconds


  • front squats felt pretty easy. Only my mid and upper back were a little sore from yesterdays training.
  • back squats were no problem too. Strength is coming along here. On the second set my SI-joint got mildly aggravated but nothing concerning
  • was a little bit inspired by the super high rep stuff Punisher is doing with his reverse hypers so I just did a bodyweight AMRAP with back extensions. My glutes gave out first and were about to cramp. Will try to continue and improve this.
  • workout felt great. I lifted with a good bit of aggression and passion. Been really enjoying training lately. Which has a lot to do with improvements I made in my life which make me feel less bad about it.


Did mobility and cardio today. For cardio I did some HIIT on an incline treadmill, followed by steady state cardio. I hate this kind of conditioning but my lower body is still very sore and I will work my upper body tomorrow, so I had to do something with as low impact as possible. I just had spare time and wanted to do something. I think taking care of my conditioning will pay out in the long run. I will focus more on it in the future.


  1. OHP 5x8 with 50kg
  2. db row 3x12 with 35kg DBs
  3. incline db press 2x10, 1x9 with 27,5kg
  4. bicep curls with DBs 3x12
    4.triceps band pushdowns 3x15
  5. shrugs 3x12 with weights


  1. Every minute on the minute one burpee more. So 1 burpee, 2nd minute 2 burpees and so on until I reached 7 burpees and then back down.
  2. Used this stair-step-thing for 10 minutes.


  • OHP -> EASY!
  • incline db is hard to progress on and not a movement I like. I again misjudged the weight and wen too heavy.
  • as ridiculous as that sounds but the burpees were pretty hard for me. Man I am unfit…
  • the stair thing may turnout to be a good device for lactat resistance training.


Weather was decent all week. Now that it is the weekend again and I want to train events were snowed in. This is getting annoying and I am really looking forward to spring time.

  1. High block pull (about 4"): AMRAP 1x 12 with 115kg
  2. SLDL: 3x8 with 90kg
  3. hang power clean: 50x5, 60x5, 70x4
  4. OHP stability training: 3x6-8 with a little more weight than last week
  5. Suitcase holds (Ed Coan style) 2x ca. 20 seconds with 40kg


  • Block pulls felt awkward and I was disappointed I only did 12. Still figuring out my belt position. I put it up higher this time which allowed me a better star position but on the other hand provided minimal support.
  • really like the stability training for OHP. I generally like everything OHP related. (Block pull video)


It is deload Werk. I helped a friend out with bis mobility and die some light pressing. Unfortunately my computer (and my car) died yesterday so I lost my copy of the programm. I need to get a new one very fast!


I know it is deload week and I shouldn’t lift heavy but I needed to release some stress and went squatting.

Up to 130kg x1 with wraps. Was good for another 10kg for sure. So I wasn’t completely unreasonable.

After that I did 110kg for 7 reps. After the 7th rep my right knee wrap opened, so I stopped there.

After that I did one unequipped set of 80kg for I think 9 or ten reps.

Finished with some core stability with a some guys from my gym.


Got to train with a good friend and long time training partner today even though he was training legs it was fun.

  1. bench press: up to 100kg x3 PR
  2. slingshot bench: 2x 110x2, 100x7
  3. DB bench press: 42,5kg x4
  4. ohp stability training: 2x5


  • PR in bench press after 5 Werke of not bench pressing at all. Pretty suprising.
  • never used so heavy db’s so that is a PR aswell. Got a little too enthusiastic after the bench pressing maybe.


No training but something worth noting. The events for a beginner competition I have my eyes on were announced today. The competition will be held the 12th of march. Unfortunately I don’t have access to any of the equipment used and deadlifts will be part of the competition which is really bad for me. Also I don’t know if Apollon deadlifts refer to simply deadlifting an axle from the ground or from a different height. It further isn’t specified if straps will be allowed. I will have to contact the organizers and find out. I may then consider to do this competition.

Awesome news man. Any other word on the other events? I may know a few work arounds.