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Peptides vs Tendinosis/Tendonitis

I am currently doing a lot of reading about different peptides, their effects on collagen synthesis and synergistic effects. The amount of information that i still have to process is overwhelming.It seems like every time i lean towards a particular peptide i find another that might do the job better.

I will try to read up more on the subject and make my decision by the weeks end. For now i am weighing my options between TB-500 and GHRP-2/6 with ipamorelin vs somatropin. But as i said i will have to do lots more reading before i can decide on which one of those to use.

I would prefer to take something that is going to yield fastest results so that i can go back to working out sooner. After i get back to the gym i will be strongly considering an HGH stimulating therapy to try to and furthermore better my connective tissue until i am completely satisfied with its quality.

And by the way i will be using this Thread as a platform for the future log of whatever compound i settle on hence the title.

I hope peptides will help you, but do you also know what caused your tendinosis/tendinitis in the first place, like a muscle imbalance, maybe? Did you see a physical therapist?

Last week i have been to Orthopedic and Sports Medicine clinic where they diagnosed me with early stage arthritis in hips. Today i have went to a rheumatologist and he started pulling up my information and medical history. He called for a copy of my Xray studies and the results say that both the Hip and my left elbow are unremarkable contrary to what the orthopedic doctor diagnosed.

I have asked for Blood test of pretty much everything and anything that could be causing inhibition in healing of connective tissue and excessive inflammation. Is there anything more specific i should be asking for when i go in fasted for the blood draw besides GH test, Testosterone, Rheumatoid factor, sexually transmitted diseases, thyroid and all the other standard blood test levels ? Also if i decide to go on a GH related peptides i would like to be able to in time retake the same tests to monitor the changes in level of hormones.

By the way the rheumatologist wants to put me on muscle relaxant and some prescription grade anti inflammatory even tho i have clearly stated to him that i am there only for the purpose of a second opinion and diagnosis.

Here we go.

I have bought 30mg from the most reliable source i know. I was going to drop a 1G on the supply but settled on this for a 6 week x 5mg loading phase. If i have good results in those six weeks i will drop more $$ for another 6 weeks x 2.5mg.

Got my supplies today.

Was gonna reconstitute the 10mg vial with 4ml of bac water but it was full at 3ml.

I withdrew .75ml/.75cc into the insuline syringe and divided it into three injections.
.25ml straight into the right elbow.
.25ml straight into the right patella tendon
.25 subq into the belly

Doing this mainly for
-right elbow tendinosis
-right patellar tendinosis

I am hoping for good systemic effects that could also benefit my
-left forearm pain
-left shoulder slight pain
-left hip, possible impingement or tendonitis of hip flexors

Something i will definitely monitor is my hypermobile SI joint. I am running a risk with this one considering that one of TB-500 effects is stretching of tendons which would be detrimental to my lower back. If i end up experiencing more then usual popping in the back i definitely will have to seize this cycle. Probably will have to look to prolotherapy then to tighten the Si ligaments.

Hey I was wondering how everything turned out. I’m having calcaneal tendon issues and I was hoping to speed up my recovery.