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Peptides - Testoluten

Does anyone have any experience with peptides like Testoluten?


Not known to wikipedia.

If there is research demonstrating action in vitro, it may have no in vivo action as a oral drug as peptides are simply food in the gut and get digested. Peptide that need to be injected: GH, hCG, insulin, IGF-1 etc

Looks like a scam to me.

Very smart nutritionist that I work with who has digested the science and is using them himself disagrees. My alt doc who refers patients to the nutritionist and is using the peptides himself also disagrees. Not having a Wiki hardly makes something a scam. I was just wondering whether anyone has had any experience.


I could not find any data other than places selling the product. Not a good sign. But then, everything from Russia should be trusted.

Oral peptides are simply food.

Anything that increases T will decrease LH/FSH as part of the natural negative feedback system. Increasing T production in the testes does not help. If the product is bogus and actually contains a SERM, LH/FSH and T would increase.


Absorption of Peptides

There is virtually no absorption of peptides longer than four amino
acids. However, there is abundant absorption of di- and tripeptides in
the small intestine. These small peptides are absorbed into the small
intestinal epithelial cell by cotransport with H+ ions via a transporter called PepT1.

Once inside the enterocyte, the vast bulk of absorbed di- and
tripeptides are digested into amino acids by cytoplasmic peptidases and
exported from the cell into blood. Only a very small number of these
small peptides enter blood intact.

Peptide complex A-13 (an extract of the testes of young animals - mature steers) microcrystalline cellulose (E460), lactose, calcium stearate (E470)
Eating testes was attempted in the middle ages. Failed.

I came across these peptides recently as well and I’m thrilled to try it. Seems promising!

There are some studies of the other peptides.

So far, I haven’t looked at it yet, neither I have a time to try this guy on myself.

You will also see “oral hCG” and “nasal spray hCG” that are useless. Knock yourself out.