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Peptides in Between Cycles


does anyone use peptides in between steroid cycle to keep gains? Just trying to find information to pass on to a friend, who been wanting to keep gains in between cycles, and I read peptides are the key.

INSULIN- hulumin regular is meant to be the best as you can buy it without prescription and its short acting. I might be totally wrong however


Both my parents are diabetics and I know somebody better be around when you have an insulin
reaction or you could end up in a coma you never come out of.


The key to keeping gains between cycles -- other than added glycogen and glycogen-associated water which cannot be kept except if bridging with more steroids -- is to run both a cycle plan and a recovery plan that does not result in having crap natural hormone levels after the cycle.

However, it is a near-lost-cause arguing against 16 week cycles and so forth. Even against 6-month cycles, apparently. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink, and all that.


Insulin is a poor choice off cycle.

Its really only useful combined with AAS for "nutrient partitioning". Which is a fancy way to say your body is in a anabolic state for the muscles.

Using insulin off cycle can just make you fatter than normal, even if done correctly.

Will you end up with more muscle ? Yes. Is it riskier and not anywhere near as beneficial without AAS ? Also a yes.


Westclock is spot on there.. having tried it.

I would opt for IGF-1 LR3 whilst off cycle.. and maybe a GH secretagogue like CJC-1295 or CJC and GHRP-6 or 2.. or one could run a GH IM cycle whilst off.. or simply stay on the GH.

Slin is best on cycle.. IGF is supposed to be very useful off cycle and as such most of the personal threads about the peptide are when it is used as such.


I wish that I could say this was true. However, from personal experience, I have not found any tangible results from use of IGF-1 throughout PCT, or while using AAS, for that matter.

I am, however, now very inclined to use HGH throughout PCT in the manner that you already are aware of.


is there info on IGF-1 and GH on the internet, as when I do research myself, I find it hard to get information on peptides in general. Do you guys know of any suitable websites,or books etc

also IGF-1 is insulin like growth factor? is there still a chance of going into a coma with this stuff and even death?


1) Yes, 2) myself, not really, 3) yes, 4) no.