Peptides for Muscle Preservation/Staying Lean on Cruise/TRT/PCT?

Hi! Just about to finish my Test, Mast, Winny blast and I’m ready to start my cruise. And for my cruise, aside from the low-dose T, I’m considering adding HGH or peptides but there’s a bunch of things that are making me having second thoughts on getting HGH: I plan for this to be an 8-week cruise only so unless I continue taking HGH, why not take something simpler like peptides? Never taken HGH before I may be going to fast? Plus, the routine sounds too advanced (the insulin issue, etc), and also expensive and hard to find (I’ll keep looking around tho). I do want to go with HGH but at the same time be minimalist, so I’m still deciding.

But if I end up taking things slow and going with the peptide route, which peptides do you normally take to keep your gains and stay lean when you’re off cycle, on PCT or like in my case, cruising?

I found this blend of HGH Frag 176-191 and Ipamorelin also blended with an option of either (1) MOD GRF 129 or (2) CJC 1295. I’ve only tried HGH Frag 176-191 before, but not Ipamorelin, MOD GRF 129 or CJC 1295. Would any of these three help me maintain my leanness and muscle and which should I pick between the two options? Someone said MOD GRF 129 is just CJC 1295 without DAC, and the only difference is the half-life so you pin MOD GRF multiple times in a day while you pin CJC 1295 once a week—dunno if this is true, the problem is I need something to pin every day because of the Frag. Let me know what you think is better. Not looking for anything complicated or those hypoglycemia issues since this is only a part of my cruise and I’ll be back to blasting after 8+ weeks anyway. Just trying to minimize muscle loss and fat gain (additional fat loss would be a bonus), that’s all.

Thanks in advance!

If you are still taking test and eating/training properly you shouldn’t have issue with muscle preservation or staying lean. In my experience with peptide(limited) the ones that seem to actually work best are the healing ones like TB and BP. IMO you’d be better served taking just the test.

Agree here. Peptides are a potentially dangerous, have just as many sides as anabolics, and are not nearly as effective.

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Compared to HGH?

I must have crossed my threads. Sorry about that, I was thinking sarms. The HGH inducing peptides didn’t do squat for me, I tried most available combos and my IGF-1 didn’t budge.

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