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Peptides for Losing Fat and Appetite Supressant

Personally I don’t need this. It’s for my sister in law, and like most people she doesn’t want to hit the issue head on, which is her metabolism , self discipline and hormones after having two kids.

Regardless, I have been trying to help her and curious what is suggested by those who have taken this route?

I found a peptide called YY. Caffeine is a natural supressant and drink shit loads of water and proteins and healthy fats is my current suggestion.

She wants to suppress her appetite more than anything. I don’t think we can find her one thing that will work perfectly . I believe it will take a mix of solutions to achieve the desired effect.

Any suggestions would be great.

I think she needs a big injection of “will power”. It’s highly effective.


Phentermine really helped me, before starting TRT. There is a short-acting, 8mg version that I’d take before meals or when cravings hit. More practical than the long-release version that keeps you from eating all day.

Nothing suppresses appetite for me like an ECA stack.
Ephedrine caffeine aspirin.


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It works but I gotta throw out some caution. If your sister in law is obese which is hard on the cardiovascular system on its own, then drugs like phentermine, ephedrine (basically amphetamine derivatives or pharmacological similars) will put her at risk of a heart attack and high blood pressure.

Safe use depends on the circumstances. Just want to give the info so you know what to look out for.

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Tell her to find a questionable doctor, get diagnosed with ADHD, and hit the adderall. She’ll drop weight fast, won’t be hungry, and maybe even be motivated enough to do more with her time.


But which is worse, staying too heavy or temporarily taking something that helps peel the weight off?

Depends on the individual, but if it works and helps get someone down to a weight they can maintain, it’s worth considering.

I wouldn’t discount it because of the risks involved, there’s the same risks, possibly higher, in the status quo.

Yes sir I totally understand. I’ll keep it simple for her at the start.

I’m sitting here talking to my wife and we just mentioned adderral haha. Good timing brother

If you have a heart attack, that’s worse. I’m not against fat burners but people that have health problems put themselves at risk when they take these stimulants (Clen, Phentermine,…) particularly since dropping weight can be achieved by taking nothing.

Aderall is amphetamine. I’d probably prefer methylphenidat if going for an ADHD diagnosis is possible. Similar mechanism of action but a tad bit better to control.


I am assuming that any of these would be prescribed by a doctor who has done a physical to determine if you’re healthy enough that the risk of taking the drug is minimized.

Only because there is a physical examination doesn’t mean there’s no risk. I want people to be aware, not fear monger.

Also there’s ways to get them without a doc.