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Peptides, Chems & Anything to Help Chronic Joint Pain & Arthritis

Okay, so I have damage in my joints from years of having flat feet, poor form and years of being on a proton pump inhibitor. I have chronic pain in my neck, back, shoulders, wrists and knees. The only solution I could come up with is stem cell injections and I certainly can’t afford that and even if I could, it would take me years to get the money anywhere close to what I’d need to repair all the damages. I was reading about BCP-157 and it looks promising, but I was wondering if there is any peptide, or chem I can buy already setup in liquid form that doesn’t need to be modified. I am looking for something to take short term rather than long term.

I don’t have any experience with peptides.
I am curious what your doctors/ physiotherapists recommended? Corrective exercicses, stretches, exclusion diet to help stop inflammation etc.
Chronic pain is shit, I wish you well in your recovery.

I have arthritis and joint degeneration and Deca always seems to help while I am on a cycle with it. Not only help. It pretty much makes it disappear.