Peptides as Boost to T Replacement

I’m not going to lie… I own a peptide company here in the UK. So perhaps I have a ‘vested interest’ in trying to ‘persuade’ people to consider peptide use as a boost to t replacement (notice i said ‘boost’ not ‘alternative’).

But on the other hand, my ‘sheepdog’ mentality drives me towards helping and protecting people - even complete strangers.

You be the judge…

Anyway, I have some experience of using certain peptides to enhance the quality of life (read; increase muscle; burn fat; reduce injury down-time; improve metabolic age) of people who are either not using AAS at all, are on heavy AAS cycles or who are on TRT.

Don’t get me wrong… a good TRT protocol can be a GREAT thing. I just think it can be made slightly better (with no side effects) with a little peptide use.

Since I don’t want to tread on any toes or transgress any sub-forum etiquette, I will simply leave my initial post here and wait until I see any requests for more information before picking this thread up again.

In other words…post up if you want more info.

I don’t know much about peptides. Can you post the basics, ie different peptides, their typical uses, mechanism of action and risks/side effects?


I personally tend to split peptides into 2 main categories:

GHS (growth hormone secreting) peptides and their ‘synergists’/boosters.
GHRP2, GHRP6, Ipamorelin - these trigger your pituitary to release its own stored GH.
CJC 1295 DAC, CJC1295 non-DAC (AKA mod GRF 1-29) - these amplify the signal from the GHRPs above.

You can equate the benefits of using GHS peptides as similar to using a bit of pharma-grade GH - except that it’s more advantageous to use your own ENDO GH rather than EXO gh, because you have 5 different isoforms (fragments of the full 191aa GH molecule) in your pituitary and receptors for each one.

Side effects can be none or they can be any one of the common side effects of modest GH usage: increased water retention, minor numbness and tingling in the fingertips. You won’t get organomegaly or diabetes though, as you might from EXO GH use.

BENEFITS: rejuvenation of your skin - both ‘inside’ and outside. In other words, you will look younger with more elastic skin on the outside, BUT you will also have better skin on the inside - i.e. the linings of the heart and lings and blood vessels. GHS peptides have neen shown to be directly protective to the heart and vessels.

Everything else, i.e. non GHS peptides.

Including (but not limited to):
BPC-157 - amazing for injury repair. Good for gut issues, skin issues, ligament issues. No side-effects, no LD1

TB500 - cell proliferation. So for example, post heart attack, this peptide can cause regenration of cardiac cells instead of scar tissue. Very useful for repairing skeletal muscle as well as increasing muscle density. Don’t use if you have cancer. No LD1

MGF - causes integration of satelite cells into muscle tissue. In animal studies had been shown to restore 70% of lost cardiac function post MI. Very useful for turning ectomorphs into more mesomorphic types. No LD1, no side

IGF1 LR3 - a ‘stablility enhanced’ version of IGF1. If like me, you tried IGF1 years ago and thought it was shite, then be ready to have your mind blown by ‘real’ IGF1. It is the anabolic motherlode. Repair, regenration, recovery and fascia-stretching muscle pumps.If you have cancer, then you don’t want to use IGF1

EPITALON - has been show to improve firing of neurones in the prefrontal cortex as well as waking up quiescent ones. Great for managing your circadian rhythms as well as preventing cellular senescence through telomeric shortening. No side effects, no LD1

DSIP - delta-sleep inducing peptide. Puts your body into true delta-wave repair and regen. Doesn’t quieten the mind, but even if the mind is racing, the body gets to repair and recover. No side effects, no LD1

GH fragment 176-191. As the name suggests, this is the last 15 amino acids in the 191aa GH molecule. Frag specifically induces lipolysis in adipocytes (fat cells) and does so approximately 12 times more effectively that GH. If you are smart, you will be able to figure out why.

There are more being developed as we speak and several highly regarded sources have come out and said "peptides are the future. The future of anti-ageing, the future of health and the future of performance enhancement.’

*LD1 is ‘lethal dose on 1 person’ in other words, you cannot die from ingesting too much.

Currently in a 10 day cycle of BPC for my knees to see if I get any improvement. Contused medial Meniscus in both knees, has been about 8 months, still cant get on bike yet.

What is your BPC protocol?

I only had enough for 250mcg per knee a day for 10 days. Today is day 5. I take 250mcg in left knee when I wake up and 250mcg in right knee at night, both sub Q over meniscus pain area.

Not ideal. twice per day, per site. And 10 days is not enough to give full resolution. Buy more.

Well obviously, but im not gonna throw that much cash at a product that I have no clue if its sugar or a real peptide, trying it first. seems like its helping a little. its been 5 days.

Do you have any knowledge or experience with PE-22-28?

Reviving an old thread since it’s on topic for what I’m exploring:

Peptides have been huge for me. I know everyone is different. I do bp-157, Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 w/o DAC, thymosine beta and mix all 4 so that I do 1 injection 5x/wk for peptides before sleep. Need less sleep, awake more rested–feel more rested but also according to Whoop and Aura Ring for what it’s worth. Quicker healing, better gains, easier bodyfat reduction, etc. (or placebo, but seems real to me.

5’9" 165 lbs, 9% bodyfat, 45 and feeling crazy young and significantly better across the board from prior to peptides. Great sexual performance, athletic, etc. Breaks seem even less necessary with peptides than with AAS, but since I haven’t been doing them long and am still seeing how they affect labs and such I’m doing 3 months on, 3 weeks off. Would love any guidance there.

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