Peptides and legitimacy

Good evening! New to the panel here and wanted to start up to ask about peptides. I’m paying quite a bit from a doc that prescribes them through Hallandale Pharmacy. He is limited in what he will authorize.

Taking some BioBoost

Looking for something that has a great deal of vitamins and form a place that is trusted.


Peptides IMO are a waste of money for most people. I personally never got a thing out of the IGF-1 boosting group nor 90% of people I know that have tried them.


Are you seeing any benefits?

Assuming you’re using anabolic steroids and human growth hormone to meet your needs first (since both have been studied enormously on humans) the only peptides that really seem to stand out are BPC-157, TB-500 and melanotan 2.

There’s a peptide gold rush right now, of consumers believing that injecting something makes it useful. If you’re going to spend money on peptides, think critically about the application, likelihood that it’s the best tool and alternatives.

If you’re asking for a source, I’m sure it’s frowned upon.

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