Peptides and Drug Tests?

I know peptides have been talked about at large, with GH and IGF-1 being the most discussed peptides. My question is more towards the GH side, mainly along the lines of GHRP-6/Hex with CJC 1295. I am looking to use these mainly to be recovered from day to day with playing baseball.

All of the information I have on this is good information, except I have found nothing on if taking these will make one fail a urine drug test. Thanks to anyone that can help with the answer to this or with personal experiences.

The short answer is no, they do not test for those peptides. I am not even sure that most peptides are even banned in pro ball.

They aren’t screening for it. You’ll be fine.

Thanks for the help guy, with that in mind, what would some of you recommend for a baseball player to use to enhance performance and recover faster? Thanks guys.

Listen, no disrespect, but you’re asking for a lot of info to be given to you for free. IF you read the stickies then you will know that you should post stats, goals, and whatever cycle you have in mind. Then you will receive the help you desire. However, just asking for it with no effort on your part will get you nowhere…take it or leave it.

They will be screening for them eventually once some newly MLB-funded scientist is told to raise some antibodies against these new peptide substances the ball players are taking and … BAM - no more free dinner! Cheat, err, I mean, enjoy it while you can…