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Peptides Advice


Mostly the only thing I taken in the past is testosterone products. Don't know alot about peptides.
I am 42- I weigh 215- decent shape.
BUT bad back and hip trouble- due to work load.

Anyhow- I've heard recently alot about peptides, and I want to try it out.
I want to try out CJC-1295
Want to take 2 injections weekly- half dose each injection.

Questions are:
1. It comes in a 2mg vial- when you add the water- how much does that make?
2. Based on my weight- how many cc's should I inject?
3. How long does the leftover product last before it's no longer useable?



CJC alone is not worthwhile. If you are going to run only 1 peptide compound, look into GHRP6, GHRP2 and Ipamorelin. Please do more research.

  1. If you have 2mg of product, the amount of product per CC is determined by the amount of BW you mix it with. 2mg of product diluted with 2ml water = 1mg/ml

  2. "Saturation dosage" of both GHRP and and GHRH is around 1mcg/kg. You can get a more profound effect from greater doses, but you will see a diminishing rate of return.

  3. What do you mean by leftover? Do you mean the reconstituted solution? I think it's 30-60 days if refrigerated, and days if not. If it's unreconstituted, it's pretty stable as long as kept in a cool, dry, dark place... like years or something.


Guess I should have said all of this with the first post..

I cannot decide which way to go. Peptides or test products.

What I'm trying to achieve is this:
1. Joint repair
2. Get some mobility and strength back thats been lost due to
injuring body while working.(Floor installer)
3. Fat loss-- Over time-I'm 42 I've put on some much unwanted fat
in my gut areas.

OK- there it is.. Which way is best?