Peptide Storage: Am I Planning This Right?

I have my first order of Ipamorelin coming and I’m excited to try it. I’ve never used peptides before, and as a TRT patient in my 30s, I’m looking for anything that can help me feel/look good. I have bac water coming for reconstitution and have read the guides for how to reconstitute (against side of vial, very gently, rolling it between hands to distribute bac water gently). I’m aware that I need to store the reconstituted vials in the fridge and can only keep them for 2 weeks.

What about the dry/unreconstituted vials? Do I store those in the freezer or at room temp? Can I pre-load my slin pins with the reconstituted solution and keep them in the freezer?

Would appreciate any other tips/advice!

unconstituted peps will be good in freezer. when you take them out to reconstitute let them get to room temp first but do not let them sit for too long at room temp.

and i dont see the point in keeping preloaded pins in the freezer?

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
and i dont see the point in keeping preloaded pins in the freezer?[/quote]

I’d be worried they’d expand and crack the syringe, but I have heard of people doing this before.