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Peptide Results

Hi all,

I’ve been on peptides for about 4 months now, 3x/day (every once in a while 2x/day if my schedule gets out of control), 100 GHRP-6/100 Mod no DAC. I was excited at first about taking these for a test drive but I’ve grown tired of the pinning and the so-so results, considering their cost compared to the benefits.

I’m curious to hear others’ experiences. I’ll be taking a break as I’ve arrived at this “meh” juncture but would still like to see how others have fared and if your opinions have changed over time with their use.

Thank you.


I used them during pct and im right there with u… mahhh there ok… i kept more strength than size tho and seeing as strength means nothing to me as opposed to size… i probably wont try them again

I’d love to hear a few more experiences or opinions if anyone can please share. Lots of views but only one reply…

Thanks guys.