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Peptide Questions - GHRP6/GRF1


Hi All,

Firstly thanks to everyone on these forums for putting out some awesome information on various topics. I don't often comment in the forums as I feel I still have a lot to learn but appreciate everyone who takes the time to help me out anytime I have a question.

I had been seriously considering the use of HGH a while back and decided that my plateu of progress was down to a case of nutrition rather than training and that I should sort that first. I did a month of Keto with good results and now try as much as I can to stay Paleo.

I'm not sure what my BF% is but I can now see my abs clearly which is great after 12yrs hidden. I thought now would be a good time to get back to the HGH idea then discovered a multitude of information on Peptides, specifically GHRP6 and CJC1295 or mod.GRF1.

There seems to be huge differences in peoples results and opinions on HGH vs GHRP6/GRF1, and I'm not sure I fully understand what is the best option to take. I know the decision is ultimately mine but I am looking for some feedback/input to help me decide.

I'm currently 30yrs old, 6,3 215lbs, BF not sure but as mentioned can clearly see abs now.
My goals -
1. I would like to add some lean mass while keeping BF down. I retain water and can look quite bloated with too much carbs which is why I have gone Paleo. I will however be using supps with proper timing around workouts.
2. Increase strength gains
3. Reduce recovery time
4. Improve quality of sleep
5. Improve skin quality and reduce stretch marks (previously very fat)
6. Increase libido (highly stressed - new business)
7. Rehab current on/off tendon problems with both elbows

I personally like the idea of peptides more, obviously cheaper than HGH, but I like the fact that you are tapping into your bodies natural GH rather than introducing exo GH. Negative side for me is the extra injections 3xdaily 100mcg/100mcg GHRP6/grf1.

Also does our own GH production reduce as we get older or does our ability to release it reduce? Is this why peptides are good because they naturally help restore signals to the brain for release of GH again which has been degraded due to age?

I have been reading a lot on pm.com and tmuscle plus a very good forum by "DBT" for more information on this. Just when I get clear headed some other thread goes against the previous.

I have seen the above protocol been mentioned as safe year round and also as only safe to be used for 12 weeks?
I have read above protocol being safe and good but also that grf1 causes GH bleed and GHRP6 should just be run on its own?

I realise that I can get better and quicker results if I combine with AAS but I am after more subtle results for a first time cycle to test the waters more than anything. I am not ruling out AAS but would like to hold off that for a little longer.

I have put a lot down here and apologies if I've rambled but would greatly appreciate any help in clearing some things up.

Many thanks in advance