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Peptide-Only Cycle


I am 23 years old, 5-9, 195 lbs (from 150 starting), and have been training hard for about 3-4 years. At the advice of some, I ate my way up to a sloppy 208, but hated it and have dieted down. I'd like to avoid doing that again, since I felt like crap and hated looking like that too.

To that end, I have been considering using GHRP-2 and Mod GRF 1-29, 100 mcg each, 3x a day, to stimulate growth hormone release. I am not expecting any crazy lean mass gains from this, but rather I hope to be able to push the calories w/o them turning into fat, and keep growing for a bit. Also, I am hoping to lean out a bit from my current body fat, maybe 12-13%, to sub 10%

My plan was dosing upon waking, post-WO, and before bed. I would do 3 months on, 1 month off

Best lifts include Decline bench 275 x 6, Squat 405 x 3, deadlift 495 x 1

1)Inexpensive, and I believe I have found a quality source (I've looked at 10-15 potential suppliers)
2)Seems to be safe, no negative feedback loop, and wont screw up my HPTA
3)Wont lead to "crazy" gains that just scream PED use...rather just continued steady gains

Really my only concern is that I am expecting too much from it, since GH levels are supposed to be high at my age, and I wouldnt notice as much compared to someone in their 30s.

Does this seem like a decent first cycle? Are my expectations realistic? Or are the results not worth it without AAS?

I would appreciate any comments on this plan



Why would you take a month off?

I also wouldnt label peptide use as a 'cycle'. Its just peptide use.

But youll see benefits. A fraction of what aas provides in terms of muscle gain and strength gain, but you seem to understand that.


Good stuff in my opinion, a few weeks off here and there brings everything back to complete normal.

GHRP2 and cjc's CAN push you to slight GH suppression, but its pretty rare and you have to get those doses pretty high.

But even going balls out is nothing a week off or so doesn't correct quickly.

On GHRP-6 itself and currently with CJC 1293 and even 1295 with DAC before I knew any better, I could eat and workout like crazy and keep leaning out.

Couldn't seem to build too much mass, you get a little, but it can preserve mass and strength like a motherfucker. Perfect PCT stuff.


I did this for a few months. It's great. I plan to start again and keep it up indefinitely. Overall, I was about 10% more awesome in all affected areas of life. I'm 26.


nice username... do you mean virgin as in abstaining from AAS or abstaining from intercourse?


haha...it was more of a tongue-in-cheek response to all the hardcore usernames like 'morepain', 'hungry4more', and all those. In hindsight, I probably should have picked a different one but whatever.

It seems like alot of people use the cjc-1293/1295, but I was under the impression that it leads to more of a GH 'bleed'--ie a sustained release--while mod. GRF-129 creates a GH 'pulse' which is anabolic in nature.

Anybody care to comment on this?


Care to elaborate? I'm curious ahhaha and excited I begin in about 10 days


I could be wrong, but I think the "bleed" on that graph corresponds to CJC1295 with DAC. I'm not sure of all the intricacies, but basically you want the type without DAC (or MOD GRF 1-29).

The DAC basically serves as a long acting compound, which causes the "bleed". Some boards advocate it because its fancier and you only have to inject it a couple times a week, but I don't think those guys are good to listen to....The type without DAC should be injected 3x/daily along with your GHRP.



For the record friend, the username morepain refers to a lifelong battle with severe depression and mental illness that i overcame through MUCH suffering and pain...so ummm fuck you


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proud virgin wtf is up with your avatar? looks like a dude is gettin pumped from behind? :S


I'm sorry, I meant no disrespect...I got the graph originally from another forum. I have attempted to remove the image, but it doesn't seem possible through edits. Perhaps someone some sway with the moderators can ask them?


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C'mon, no love for Roy Jones Jr? It's from this music video:

But, I am interested in what you have to say BBB, so I have gotten the graph removed and taken down my avatar. If you have anything to add that hasn't been said already, I would appreciate it.


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I am not an expect by any stretch, but from asking around this was the best "cycle" advice I read about peptides "I'm a big fan of IGF-1 LR3 and CJC-1295/GHRP 2 for recovery purposes... both of those (50-100mcg a day of IGF-1, 150/100 mcg every day of the other ones, respectively)"
Seems the same as Virgin's just IGF-1 added, in. The reason for the IGF 1 is "I can retain mass better on 500mg of test E a week with IGF-1 than I can just taking 1000mg a week of test (during heavy marathon training)... and with fewer sides. "

IGF-1 LR3 and CJC-1295/GHRP 2 is what I'm seriously looking into to improve my athletic performance.


I LOVE this post. No disrespect at all sir, but consider where you are for a moment. Songs get copied by zillions of people, shared, burned, etc...all day long. Info, pictures, etc, etc, is copied, shared, etc, all day long on the internet. And you want people to all of a sudden have ethics are not copy a graph? I feel the same way, you shouldn't steal peoples' hard earned intellectual property. But, isn't that like stopping the guy in the car in front of you after he throws out a cigarette butt and telling him not to litter? Seems like you would be doing that to make yourself happy, with no chance in changing the fact that people litter. No disrespect, just pointing out the obvious. Suprised that DAT has not copyrighted a bunch of his stuff yet. Really hope they would clean up the Profmuscle site so there are not so many virus's connected to it... We all refer to it, and the guy is great.
(considering the audience, I know 90 % of us are sitting here with a puffed up chest, but..)


Just bought a small amount of CJC1295 DAC, and now regretting it, because I'm reading that- "to bleed is bad" - and Like Jesse ventura, "I aint got time to bleed."