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Peptide Lethargy


Hey all,

So I was dosing ghrp6 and modgrf at 100 mcg each twice a day morning and night back in september but stopped because of some PRL sides and lethargy. Long story short I now have some ipamorelin and seem to be experiencing the same lethargy in only a week of use at the same dose. In an attempt to combat it, I dose 4 hours before I sleep, and again right before bed. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it cortisol? To my knowledge Ipa does not play on cortisol too much. The shit is downright debilitating I hate it but love the progress it gives me for my tendinosis.

Any input is appreciated.



Are you sure your dosing is correct? The mixing maths can be misleading, even to people with mathematic intuition. Also what is your confidence in the supplier?



I am relatively confident in the supplier.. muscles are fuller already.. no increase in appetite post inj like ghrp6 had. 2000 mcg.. 2 ml of bac water.. 10 tics of a 1 ml slin pin per 100 mcg dose. Its only been a week.. maybe this feeling will pass. I'll keep you posted. But again - if anyone has had similar experiences I'd love to hear about it.


Well right there you have a problem lol.
On a standard BD slin pin [1 Tick = 2 IU] therefore at 2000McG and 2ML, [10 Ticks = 200mcg].
Try 100mcg, and see how you feel.

That's all beside the point. High dose Ipamorelin should not cause this, and I have never heard of it before.
I would discontinue use and try another supplier.




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When I first started GHRP 6... 4 months ago, I would do wake dose, and pre bed dose...but
I would get ALLL sleepy after the dose post workout. And granted, that was in the first two
months too...now I can't even get it to make me hungry at 350 mcg.

But after talking to my buddy/rep, I changed up the mid day dose timing and got rid of the
lethary during the day. At first, I would come home from gym after training, dose the 100 or
200 mcg, wait 25 minutes, then have my post shake of milk, carbs, and protein. After I presented
this to my buddy, he told me he thought that with the extra energy I used from the pulse, and then
the fall off from the carbs after they burned off...that it probably made me tired. Something like
that...but it makes sense. The pulse, then the carbs, then the after effect, if you will.

Back then, I moved the mid day dose to middle of the afternoon. Probably 2 hours after lunch, and
then I didn't eat for an hour after that. That cured it for me. THe stuff made me really tired
at first, like you say.

Gotta ask, what was or is workin for the tendonosis? Was it the GHRP 6? Or the Ipamorelin? I have
it bad in elbows O U, always looking for help....


Thanks for all the input guys.. I'll try knockin out the MOD GRF and cutting back the dose slightly. I'll even play around with dosing/eating times.

Txhawkeyes - simply taking the peptides significantly reduces the pain, however, in conjunction with regular physio/massages and clean eating..alcohol and caffeine reduction.. various spices (tumeric, oregano, fresh garlic) and fish oils that have been known to fight inflammation.. it helps even more so. But it ALWAYS comes back.

I have yet to even be able to train properly.. its in my right knee as well. I can live a normal life.. but not the gym rat lifestyle that I had become so accustomed to. So you can imagine my frustration with all this lethargy bullshit. Feel like im trapped in a different body. I'm not giving up though. I wont settle for less than what I had.

Again, I appreciate your input.

Sidenote: its even difficult to piece sentences together at times..work has become a lot more tedious.. i feel like i just cant think. I'm going to try to stick it out for another month.. if theres no improvement after that then I'll have to stop for midterms.



Cutting out mod grf helped about 25% at least if I had to put a percentage on it.. You're the man BBB.


When I was taking GHRP2 + Mod GRF, it wiped me out for 2 hours after each shot so I stopped. No fun to say the least. No benefit could be worth feeling like crap and being totally unproductive. I wasn't "lethargic" per se, it wasn't mental fog, I was feeling shitty like if I had no blood sugar or something.

I had ditched the peptide idea but then I read and tried Ipamorelin and have no such issue. I'm going to mix it with Mod GRF next week so I'll know by then if that was part of the problem. Like Matt wrote above, maybe your supplier passed GHRP as Ipamorelin to make some extra bucks. Or maybe it is indeed the Mod GRF.


Swd let me know man! It's quite possible that it is in fact ghrp2... But the mod def was playing a part


I experienced the same problem with CJC and GHRP-2. I also fucked up the dosing by putting 1ml of bac water into each vial, so 1ml in 2mg of CJC and 1ml into 5mg GHRP-2 and did 2 points (2/100ths of a ml) of each twice a day. I make this 40mcg of CJC and 100mcg of GHRP-2? I intended to do 200mcg of each LOL, not sure how I would have felt then! The new supplier is much more reputable so hopefully these problems won't reoccur.

I knew it was real because I felt and looked visibly leaner within 12 hours but felt like shit - really tired, lethargic, no sex drive etc. I gave up after the 3rd dose on the second day and am going to switch suppliers and try again.


So I was feeling EVEN better the longer I was off the MOD, I thought perhaps I could use it at night and use the effect it produced for better sleep.. however I woke up with the same lethargic hangover which lasted about ~36 hours. Im just gona increase the ipa dose to 3 x per day when im able.. hopefully thats enough for this tendinosis to fuck off.


i got the lethargy from GHRP6 and Mod GRF too. i just dealt with it, which sucked but eventually dissipated within 60-90 minutes

i think i'm gonna go with G2 and Mod GRF and see if that makes it any better

edit: doses im referring to are just 100mcg each


It's been only a week, but up to now, it's definitely not the Mod GRF for me. I'm adding some GHRP2 to the mix only for PWO, and I do feel the "wipe out" thing coming, but it's not as bad as when I started the day with it. Of course, maybe my stuff is weak, we never really know with UG stuff, but I think it's all fully functional.

Ipamorelin seems to give me the results I want without the hunger or wiping me out so that's a better choice. I only use GHRP2 PWO as I know it'll eat soon, and well, since it's cheaper. For all other times (morning mostly, sometimes at night) Ipamorelin + Mod GRF is the choice IMO.


For me its gotten much easier without the MOD, however my results are seriously impeded.. muscles dont feel as full. Not that,"Full muscles" are my goal - its tendon regeneration. But I feel like I can use those other signs as a gauge as to how well the peptides are working elsewhere.

Sidenote: Do you guys constantly swab w/ alcohol pads prior to injecting? Or no?

I've heard mixed responses .. It gives me peace of mind but I have not used them for the past few days and everything seems fine..


you dont absolutely need to but it's better to be safe than sorry especially when injecting IMO