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Peptide Injection Into Butt Fat?


Hey guys. Do any of you inject your peptides (GHRP's and CJC's) into the glute fat SQ instead of abdominal fat?

Is there any difference between these to spots in terms of efficiency and effect?


I don't think there will be any difference in terms of efficiency and effect. I'm currently reading through various studies on peptide therapy and they only stipulate Sub-Q. It may be a good idea to rotate injection sites anyway to minimise ISR which is a common side effect of peptide use.




Sorry lzqosoz94, ISR stands for injection site reactions.



I appreciate it Tone.

Injecting 100mcg ipamorelin and 100mcg mod grf-129 3x a day into the abdominal fat, well even if i space them as much as possible in physical distance..a hard layer of liquid pockets forms over days and makes the abs look horrible.


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Interesting. I've always avoided the navel area ( i read not to inject here ) but i never researched why that was. Thanks

I've been using the upper outer part of the glute, avoiding sciatic nerves of the lower glute.


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Avoided because of high subQ fat? Thats the reason i'm targeting them! Peptides into subQ fat right?

I am using a 29g insulin pin, 12mm.

Good to hear sciatic nerve isn't so close.


I too found BBB's statement confusing.



BBB could you please explain?


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BBB, i'm doing subq in the butt cheek because the puffiness of injecting .1ml or 10iu can be hidden. When i inject 2-3x a day into the abdominal fat, the area looks puffy as hell. Not a good look in the summer. Or in any situation shirtless for that matter.


Does the puffiness go away after a few days? I am also having an issue w the same thing and it's not showing signs of getting better....


Yes my abs are completely back to normal. I cant give you an exact time but for myself i was back to normal in about 10 days. The extra pockets of puffiness around my abs were temping to poke all day wondering when they would subside, it became something like a habit after some time.


BBB where do you prefer to do subq inj w/ your peptides? I am slightly concerned after considering the fact that the peptides effects could pose a threat to certain vital organs. Any recommendations? VL? RF? I personally cant see myself using the triceps region until I am more experienced and confident.



i've been going about an inch from belly button for most of my shots.

i take it from what BBB said that is a bad idea?