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I recently finished my first run with IGF/MGF and was pleasently suprised. My question is how long should I take off before being able start another run with IGF? I used split 40mcg/day IM for 5days a week. I ran this for 5 weeks. My two off days I shot MGF 200mcg.

Also, I would be very interested to know how others have used IGF and MGF together. I got good results but I think they could be better.


I have planned for the next "season" a cycle like your. Could you give me more details on the results you get? bf% decrease, mass gained...etc etc



I second that, 2thepain.

I'm also interested in experimenting with peptides soon. Tell us your results.


During the five weeks I gained 5 lbs. This was during PCT and I also gained 20lbs of strength across the board. I am excited to do another run as a stand alone. I have another 1000mcg of IGF and 2000mcg of MGF. I want the best protocol possible for the stand alone peptides as I'm excited for the results. If used in conjunction with AAS the results would probably be tremendous.

Anyone who has done different protocols for MGF and IGF together please chime in. I want to hear it all, good,bad and especially ugly:)


Lol man I use the same as you! The strength gains on the peptides are GREAT!! I have also heard of doing 50mcg with 100mcg of MGF shot bilaterally (1/2 in each arm per say). I believe thats what P22 suggests.


So you would shoot MGF everyday you shot IGF (5x week)? I think I remember reading that from P on a past thread. But I think he was using regular MGF, not the pegMGF version. I think the peg makes it longer lasting hence the 2x a week. But if shooting it everyday helps than I'll give it a try. Maybe P-22 can clear this up for me?
Thanks Crew.


I do believe P22 suggested that I do the same with the Peg but my memory could be a bit off, it was awhile ago. I too go with the 2x a week although mine is on wed and sat (nothing on sunday, its an off day from lifting anyway). I have noticed that I am not losing as much BF as I did with my previous cycle, granted I was a bit insane and went up to 100mcg IGF-1 per day haha luckily my waste never expanded somehow!


Any reason you're not running AAS with the peptides?


He used it during PCT.

I have used IGF before and liked it a lot. I'm curious about using MGF. For anyone who's used them separately, or added in the MGF later, what is the comparison like?


Only recently have I learned enough about peptides to feel comfortable enough to use them. I wanted to start ASAP so I planned my first run during my PCT coming off of a summer cycle.

I have 16 weeks off in between my summer and my winter cycle so I thought I would run IGF/MGF alone and see what the results were using a level field (not while doing PCT). Although my winter cycle is already bought and planned out I still may incorporate peptides into it. But for now I will use them while off so that I can make continuous gains.


Have you tended to retain the strength gains?


1 week off and so far so good.


The main reason I started this thread is because I was wanting to hear different protocols which in corporated IGF and pegMGF. I already listed my previous experience and protocol but there has got to be other options out there. Any real life experience and results combining these two peptides would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Have you used IGF alone? or whith AAS?
Can you describe the results you get?


Kinda, what are "peptides" and how do I get them?