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Peptide Help!


Help! Wanting to stack some peptides with an upcoming lean bulk and need some assistance, or just a website that says what does what....

Previous cycles have been Test C(13 weeks @ 500 mgs)/VAR(60mgs ED for 8 weeks) and 13 week cycle - VAR(8 weeks 60 mgs)/Test C(500mgs)/Equipose(800 mgs)/HGH(4 IU ED 12 weeks)

Moving to my big boy cycle now in October;

Tren/Mast/Test Prop EOD - 100mgs for 8 weeks... Can't really afford GH, and cycle to short for EQ.

Could someone point me to some knowledge bases on using;

Long R3 IGF-1

Not really sure at all what 1295 is, just saw it as a combo deal.

I know GHRP-6 increases appetite, a long with some other things. I know you shoot it generally 2 times a day?

Seems like the R3 - you shoot before training, and go 4 on 2/ off? Both sub Q I imagine? Help!