Peptide Fill Amount? BPC-157

Having success with BPC-157 in the past I recently ordered more from two different vendors I had not used in the past. To my surprise the quantity of powder is vastly different (more) than that from two other vendors I used in the past… I also ordered Copper peptides from this vendor and the quantity seemed high as well. Yes, the peptides are the same strength. So is this new vendor actually giving me the correct amount or is it filler? Thoughts / experiences are appreciated.

Grey market peptides sold by research chemical sites are notoriously unreliable as far as what’s in the vial, how accurate the dose is, how much they’re actually giving you, etc. if you have an accurate scale you could certainly weight each one and find out what’s going on. But then you’d have a whole mess of sterilizing after that and who really wants to go through that sort of trouble?

I’ve had similar experiences and assumptions as well. Stay away from the one that copies resident evil. You get what you pay for often.

I did not know if I could assume that all powders had the same concentration… The difference between them is huge… the third vendor i have used also had an amount that was small in comparison…

The one that seems “ok” gives you much more…

BPC is BPC. There is no ‘concentration’ of the powder. It has a molecular weight and that cannot be manipulated. The only way to change the concentration is by adding water.

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge!