Peptide Dosing Question

if a vial of cjc/ipa is 5mg each for 10mg total, with pepcalc on a quantity of 10mg, 3ml of BW with a selected dosage of 250mcg on a .5ml syringe its pull to 7.5. at that doasage are you effectively getting 125mcg of each?

That is correct. .075ml

3ml/10mg * 1mg/1000mcg*250mcg = .075ml

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I guess what I was really asking was if i have a vial of cjc/ipa at 5/5 and the dosage is 250mcg is that equal to having 2 seperate vials at 5mg each and dosing 250mcg from each vial.

No it’s not. That would be twice the dose in your second scenario.

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Thanks. That is exactly what I was looking for.