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Peptide Dosages for Rehab?


Hey there,

I got some GHRP6 and CJC 1295 (no dac) coming in about a week or so and I had a few questions.

1) Would you recommend 100mcg of both 2 x per day (morning and night) OR 100mcg ghrp6 and 50 mcg cjc1295(no dac) 2 x per day? (morning and night)

2) I have read some instances where people get prolactin issues.. any users have any experience with this? What is the likelihood that this could occur at this relatively moderate dose?

3) I have a little over 3 months worth coming.. do it all? or break it up into 2 .. phases? I feel weird referring to it as a cycle hahah. If I see no signs of serious sides (ie. Prolactin) , would continuing for ~13 weeks be appropriate?

Thank you,