Peptide Dosage

hello everyone. I got my hands on some peptides to recover from injuries and lose body fat. I’m 41, 6 foot 8, 260 lbs kinda soft and have knee injuries back and neck injuries.

I have bpc 157, tb 500, ipamorellin, sermorellin and tessamorelin

what should i take, what dose, what time of day and how often?

I was doing .250mcg of the ipa/serm twice a day with bpc 157 also 250mcg all together. then EOD 2mg of tb 500

ive been reading to only do ipa/serm at night and do higher doses and same with bpc, then seen some people say they do smaller doses 2 to 3 times a day. I’d prefer to only do one injection a night if possible but i was good results so i’m curious as to what i should do.

Thank you everyone.

Thought I recognized your name…you posted the exact same question in June. What has changed between then and now, besides gaining 10lbs?

ive been using it probably ineffectively or mis dosing or doing something wrong so i’m back pickin brains to see if anyone would do something different or has more insight.

i feel a little bit better in my knee/back area but not much diet and exercise is still kinda meh, sleep has been better which i heard was a side effect. besides that i’m not sure if it’s working very well or at all.