Peptide Discussion

More curious on the subject. Want more information on various peptides, their effects, sides, dosages etc.

Probably would get more traction if you asked specific questions rather than just having a blanket statement. There are a lot of peptides out there.

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Adding to @iron_yuppie, there’s a ton of info on this forum about bpc-157.

Do your search first then come back if you still have questions

Curious about growth hormone peptides? If HMG and HCG off peptide sites would be legit? SARMs like MK-677 from peptide sites being effective? Same with SERMS.

Had MK-677 medically prescribed at one point but was costly… significantly compared to what these sites are saying.

Really curious of the quality of these sites and peptides, if and where they are legit. And if there are some people would recommend with the least sides.

From reading your last response I don’t think you really have any idea what your talking about. I’d suggest doing some of your own research on the drugs you just named and go from there before trying to order anything.

Yeah I don’t know much about any of the peptides. General Wiki articles I’ve read. Nothing specific to using them, mixing them, dosing them, storing them. I’m really looking for that information.

There is hundreds of research peptides that claim to do all different things. There is proven pharma peptides that are guaranteed to do certain things. There is enough information available on the web to fill a huge book about it all. If suggest using Google and learning a bit more about them find one that interests you then ask specific questions about it.

Gotcha. I guess lets start with GHRP-6. What would be proper dosing? Any notable side effects in the short or long term?

While you wait for responses, i suggest you use the search function on the forum. Click the Pharma category, then click the magnifying glass. Type the peptide about which you are curious, click the box that says “Search this topic” just below the search bar. Then click search and read through the results.

I recently found the information you seek by doing that, but I didn’t search for GHRP-6. I was checking out sermorelin and BPC-157. The best part about that approach is that you get to see old posts which might include results and experiences from real people who aren’t selling anything.

I’ve used TB-500 (with a prescription and whatnot, legitimately pharmaceutical grade), I assume this is the thread to talk about peptide usage?

Used for about 2-3 months a while back in attempt to potentially help with joint pain. Noticed slight reduction within shoulder/knee pain, however said issues reverted back to baseline a few months post use. Literature’s demonstrated effect on cardiac structure and function regarding TB-500 is most interesting, perhaps it’ll serve to be a cure for athletic heart syndrome (whether said syndrome is risky or not is up to debate, appears to induce a dramatically increased risk for atrial fibrillation later on in life).