Peptide Cycle for Fat Loss

I am going to do a peptide cycle shortly. Primarily a fat-loss focused cycle, but of course I want to maintain size and strength as well while dieting. I wanted to get opinions here. Here is my plan:

IGF-1 LR3: 2x25 mcg shot EOD over 40 days
CJC 1295 w DAC â?? 2mg per week; 1mg Tuesday and 1mg Friday
HGH Frag 176-191 at 250-500mcg per day over approx. 10 weeks.

In particular, I wanted to get opinions on how long to run the CJC and if that’s a good timeframe for the Frag. I’m concerned about suppression. The reason for the limit of 40 days for the IFG based on my research and speaking to people. Thoughts welcome. Thanks!


I’ve heard that GHRPs help you free up fatty acids for mobilisation. I tried it for a while and it’s hard to say if it worked really because the results from peptides on their own are so modest.

I would just do the usual GHRP6 & MOD GRF combo in the morning on an empty stomach, wait a while then do a half hour of fasted cardio. There is evidence that they’ll stop any breakdown of muscle during the cardio too (although I think the risks of that happening are way overblown).

I can’t comment on your proposed stack as I’ve never used it, but if I were going to use peptides to lose weight, this is how I’d do it.

I wouldn’t, but hey

Thanks for the input so far. Any advice on how long to run the non-IGF peptides? I would not want to do the IGF for any longer than I am. Maybe a month only, in fact. I want to be conservative with this.

It seems the internet consensus is that peptides are iffy and maybe work sometimes but usually only over a long period of time. However for me they work wonders! I see results of fat loss and muscle development rather quickly. I feel energetic, get great pumps in the gym and feel like my metabolism is working over time. Although I will say I am one of the lucky ones whose body reacts well to drugs. I use this GHRP6 & MOD GRF combo and love it. I actually seem to get a euphoric type of feel after injecting. In fact I don’t take at night because of this reason. The feeling could just be in my own head, idk, but the physical result are apparent and felt. I say that while also keeping in mind results are not comparable to AAS.

A real positive I find with peptides is that they really aren’t too complicated. No need for AI or SPERM. Take as you want, stop when you want. Your boys don’t shrink up. I feel like it doesn’t mess with your HPTA…silly to think? At least this is my experience… with no BW to back up.

I have also read that peptides can be taken indefinitely, similar to HGH… again, internet consensus I have noticed. Too bad there isn’t more information and research on these drugs. Would love to hear anyone else’s experience, opinion or thoughts.

Research yourself and tell us how it goes. I’ve heard GW gives some good results for some people, could try that out too.

[quote]Grasshoper777 wrote:
No need for AI or SPERM.

LOL. You got some bad advice if you take sperm with your AAS.

Messing with ya buddy. Typos can be fun sometimes!