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Peptide Cycle and What to Do?

I just got the peptide, Ipamorelin, from defy medical. The doc said to take it nightly, but on other websites it says to take it 5 days on and take 2 days off, what should I do?

As you sleep the pituitary gland releases growth hormones, so it makes sense to inject before bed. There is a very short window where you have to inject Ipamorelin, fall asleep for it to work.

When you inject Ipamorelin 75% of its efficacy is gone in 4 hours. Also you are attempting to increase natural GH levels using Ipamorelin which doesn’t suppress your natural production, so taking a break seems pointless because there will be days your not affecting GH levels when that is precisely the goal.

These were my gh levels before I took Ipamorelin. Units are Ng/mL. Does this look like a gh deficiency to you?

Gh test 1: .011

Gh test 2: .428

Gh test 3: 11

Gh test 4: 3.0

Gh test 5: 1.2

Igf-1: 200

Defy is a top notch clinic. Follow your Doctors orders.

IMO, GH needs lots of data points to get a good picture as it fluctuates so much. IGF-1 is more stable, and you have a good number there. I would say no. However, using a GH secretagoge, so it won’t really suppress you and there are some physical benefits to having higher GH and IGF-1.

The problem with these clinics is that they either A.) know the truth and aren’t telling you, or B.) do not know the truth.

Ipamorelin dosed once a day is nice and you may even get a little bit of added recovery and better sleep out of it. But it has a 0% chance of improving your overall wellness and body with once a day dosing. The problem is that clinics know that no patient is going to commit to a three-shot-a-day regiment that ends up costing about as much as using actual growth. So they throw everyone a bone with these peptides. You can get exactly what the clinics prescribed you, legally, online, and for about half the price. I’ve been on this merry-go-round once.

Don’t want to hijack, but this info may help the OP as well.

If you’re taking 500mcg Ipamorelin would it be more beneficial to take 250mcg first thing AM and 250mcg right before bed?

Yes. And adding mod grf 1-29 would make it significantly better because of the long and sciency explanation that I have no time to give.

The protocol for an athlete is 300mcg three times a day. But for a normal dude 250-300 twice a day would be plenty good enough. Taking a big slug all at once isn’t necessarily optimal. There’s some question as to just how much you can get out of a single injection. The ceiling is pretty close to what you can naturally produce plus x% more, which means you’re limited by your own body. It’s still an improvement over baseline, but it’s not like using actual GH where you can dose to a level that is vastly higher than you could ever physiologically create.

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I’ll start doing that and see if I notice an improvement.