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Pepsi One

Anyone else here drink Pepsi One like they are addicted to it? I love the stuff. I almost cant eat unless I have some to drink. I know thats bad but i dont really care so dont post on here how i need to drink water. I drink a lot of water, too. I think they put something in it that makes you addicted. And no its not the caffeine.

I remember a clear pepsi flavor long ago. what was that? pepsi max? Pepsi water? I don’t know…

Yes, they do put something in it to make it addictive…it’s called SUGAR! C’mon, man, you need to kick the habit…

SW- Pepsi One is diet. I agree that water is better, but Pepsi One has no sugar or calories. or maybe one calorie.

do all countries go by the Calorie system? What if pepsi wanted to market it to a country that used joules… “The Pepsi 4.18” only 4.18 joules! maybe I converted incorrectly…

I just want to say to SW that there is no SUGAR in Pepsi One. It only has one calorie, so if there is sugar in there, it is an insignificant amount.

You stupid motherfucker you. How can you be so stupid? There is no sugar in diet drinks.

Hate to bust your soda-drinking bubble, but Pepsi One doesn’t have one calorie, it has quite a few more. While I’m not sure exactly how many calories it does have I know it doesn’t have just one-ever stop to think why other soda compaines don’t have this “new” great tasting drink? If you are doubtful, look in the FDA books, Pepsi pays its fine each year and everyone stays quite. Isn’s capitalism great?

Deadlift, They did make a clear Pepsi long ago. It was called Pepsi Crystal.

Goldberg, you’re raging out man. Have you started Mag-10 yet? :slight_smile:

The big problem is the sodium, which negates the water you drink, if I understand things correctly. I feel ya bro - I still have to hae one soda a day - I’m addicted to the carbonation myself.

I wish. hehe

Personally, of all the diet sodas out there, I prefer Pepsi one as well. And while it may have more than one calorie, I do know that I’m still able to enter ketosis while drinking it. If there were sugar in them the way it was said in the previous thread, I would most likely not be able to enter ketosis drinking as many as i do.

Try diet sprite

The reason pepsi one taste better is it uses a combo of Nutrasweet and ace-k (acesulfame potassium). The Ace-k is 200 times sweeter than sugar. This helps mask the aftertaste that is normally associated with diet sodas that use only Nutrasweet.