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Peoples View on Bodybuilders


Check out this talk show from Germany, it's quite funny some of the things these people think about bodybuilders, oh and look out for the fat woman with glasses and purple top, you're gonna love her...Also I think Ronny Rockel keeps his cool quite well for someone who, according to these people, is just a dumb roid-monkey. Anyways, enjoy..


Arnold must be rolling over in his grave to hear his people talking shit about bodybuilding like that.


What is this, German Jerry Springer? I don't even...


I kept waiting for some sort of scat porn reference. That's all I can think when things are in German.


funny thing is, none of those guys are even that big, lol. "arnold rolling over in his grave?" I wasn't aware arnold had died.


LOL @ the materialistic dumb shit kid with an expensive high maintenance haircut, bling and a t-shirt with an instantly recognizable logo who says he doesn't judge people on appearance, then does exactly that.

..and the host did more posturing in his title sequence than all the posing routines in a bodybuilding show combined.


The truth is, many people on this site would act similarly. Look at the guys calling anyone bigger than them "fat and chubby" on this site. It is the same exact mentality that causes some fat ugly woman to sit there and judge a bodybuilder like Rockel (who isn't even as big as someone like Cutler) to be stupid just based on how he looks.

I understand that Germany may be behind America in acceptance, but the same stereotypes exist here as well even if they are slowly fading.

One guy in the audience seemed convinced that Rockel was a retard even though Rockel carried himself extremely well for someone getting insulted as much as he was.

I personally would have either walked off stage or clowned the idiots up there much more graphically.


Agreed. It is apparently ok to judge and degrade someone who works hard on their body...but if you do the same to the fat guy with the stupid haircut, you are the bad guy.

Crab in a bucket syndrome.


I guess "live and let live" doesn't translate into German.


Lol@ "Do you think you can impregnate a woman with that body?"

As Stan Marsh once said on South Park - "DUDE!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH GERMAN PEOPLE??!!!"

Plus that fat, ugly, sarcastic shitbag bitch with the glasses - what a nasty cunt....


Also, would smash girl with red hair.


playas gon' play
haters gon' hate


I want to show this clip to someone from a neutral point of view, but I think that these morons made bodybuilding look better. They only attacked when answered, kept it formal, didn't insult, they tried to talk about their discipline, diet, targets, etc.

The other people just made stupid comments. "Can't have any children".

That woman in glasses was just making a fool out of herself. I don't understand her comments about "hiding behind it". What is he exactly hiding? From what is he hiding? Maybe it's something that got lost in translation.

EDIT : All Planet Fitness commercials are also of this kind. Making bodybuilders look like total retards.


There are some nasty personalities floating 'round my not-so-beloved country.

I stopped watching TV back in 90something when it changed from being mostly movies and cartoon series to 95% talk shows.


it's the revenge of the normal (failure) crowd.


TBH. I always got the impression that the people you see in shows like that are definitely below average in intelligence and manners. This isn't the friendliest country to begin with, but that nasty attitude (or the idiots shown in most reality shows) isn't something I usually encounter in daily life.


I am more than sure that talk shows are much like the internet in that regard. It isn't like that fat guy in the audience would say the same shit he said there if walking right next to Rockel in a mall. He did it because he knows he has security and about 50 feet between him and the guy he is putting down...plus tv gives losers a voice that they would normally be too weak to get across in real life.

It's the same reason someone will honk at you in their car but would never speak up if face to face.

Half of the trolls and jackasses making retarded comments here would be silent elsewhere because you face real consequences for the shit coming out of your mouth in real life.

Edit: Also the idea of a fat guy making a derogatory comment about how a bodybuilder can't have sex because he would crush her...as if his own "250 or so pounds of flab" wouldn't....is the peak of just being a dumbass for the sake of it.



Hm, Ronnie didn't really offer all that much in the way of counter-arguments tbh. But then, I'm amazed that he even went there. Seriously.

I'd have liked Andreas Frey (better at countering BS) in his stead, or maybe Markus (for the fun factor).

There was another part where they had Boris Kleine in it apparently (and the same fat cunt)... Have not seen it, google it (Oliver Geissen show as well)... Not sure if there's one with subtitles available...


That is because Rockel COULDN'T really fight back...but nor should he have to.

But the truth is, Rockel, like he said, would be broke without bodybuilding. Someone like that can't exactly expand on how "balanced" their life is in response to a bunch of retards yelling how shallow he is.

Someone like Ronnie who worked as a cop WHILE competing would have been able to shut that down quickly. Also anyone else who is really built but has succeeded in some field completely unrelated that helps others.

I am sure the producers did that on purpose because they didn't even bring on any real "experts" who also lifted weights for bodybuilding.

That whole show would have gone differently if the guy they were putting down had a few college degrees under his belt.

They did that for rating....I assume expecting Rockel to go off...but he didn't. He just took it. And I hate he had to.