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Peoples' Sizes


hello. i just got back into lifting 7 weeks ago. I believe im doing well. i started out 5'10" 231lbs. 19.7 body fat. couldnt bench or lift a thing. just out of shape. now im same height of course! 222lbs and 14.9 body fat. my arms are 16inches bench is 265 max. I really enjoy lifting. I just dont like cardio so i mix it up. swim one day, run another, then maybe play basketball another. I eat right (clean) as ive read.


I dont understand your post? Is there a question here? PLease continue : )


I rode my bike to work today and will probably take a long shit sometime while on the clock. I just thought you all should know.


long as in duration, or long as in length?



Then take a picture and archive it along with the rest of life's little miracles.


In that case I know just the place, ratemypoo.com.


Prof, do you go front to back, or back to front? And are you a righty, or a lefty? How about following up with pre-moistened towelettes? I think they're very refreshing, but sometimes I feel like I'm walking around all lemon-scented.

Oh, and rsg, it's sad that I've heard of that site before.

On a slightly more serious note, Gaffey, what did you do to lose 12 pounds of fat and add 3 pounds of muscle in those 7 weeks, just changed your eating? (Warning - I suck at math, so the above numbers may be a bit off)