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Peoples' comments on your appearance

Now I’m no monster by any means but to the non-lifting world I at least look like I weight train. Every so often I’ll be standing in a checkout line, or at GNC, or whatever and some skinny guy will say “If I eat [or take] [whatever I’m buying] will I look like you?” Most of the time I’m with my gf when this happens so I exclude that kinda statement as a pass but I just don’t know how to respond. I usually play it ultra modest and say “Lord I hope not” which gets me a kick in the shin from my gf. Shes always on me about not being able to take a compliment but shit…I don’t see myself like that. All I see is how far I have to go. What do you say when someone says something about your build?

no one ever says to me or makes eye contact since I look evil… shouldn’t have gotten that 666 tatoo on the ol’ forehead… oh well live and learn.

yeah im sure we all experience that. the other day i had this kid come up to me while i was eating and was like “man i want to get ripped pecs, how do i do that?” basically i will just tell them to check out this website, which im sure they never do. personally i take it as a compliment. now i too am no monster, but i stand out in a college classroom. usually they just ask if i play football.

I usually answer any one who comments “You need to get educated as to what real training and diet is, and if you’re interested I can point you to some resources.” At that point, if they say “yes”, I give them the link to T-mag and a few others. From there, it’s up to them.

oh yeah how about this one? i was sitting in this big lecture kind of dozing off when this girl next to me feels my arms (i shave my whole body) and goes “do you shave your arms?” hmmm and you got into college how?

Actually the funniest thing I remember happening was when I was in the airport with my gf and she stepped into a public restroom. I’m waiting just outside the door when this black guy comes out of nowhere and starts asking me a bunch of questions about gaining mass. Next thing I know he starts going thru a posing routine 2 feet in front of me. Now this guy was lean but at least 6’4" and maybe 130#. I didn’t know what to say…just kept looking around as people walked by wondering what the hell was going on. He left and my gf came out right on que. She was curious about my puzzled expresssion. I had a hard time explaining what just happened.

hehe those are some funny stories… first off dood don’t shave your arms, chicks dig that, 2nd off… err… anywho when I walk down in my work place some people do a mocking walk of me (I laugh since I’m an good natured chap) where as they don’t comment dood you are huge (I’m 6’3 210pounds… so I ain’t… yet…) but they are puzzled by my posture.

Just say thanks, and tell them you train really hard.

I always just smile , shrug and say “must be the beer…”

Whenever some one asks me I talk their ear off about everything i know and all my opinions, if their interested I show em where i get my info Testosterone.net! Theres this one kid in gym in the mornings when i work out (his names scott too which is weird) I sold him some protein and told him all about this site, and he told me today that he’s been on here everyday since reading and learning, then he sadi thanks, makes me feel good. But i would have to say the best situation I’ve been in was a while back when i got a call for a credit card offer, he was asking me what my interests are and I told him lifting, then i said i wasn’t interested but we still talked for another 15-20min and i told him all about GVT 2000 (which is waht i ws doing at the time) then i explained to him what this site was all about and he went on it while talking to me and i gave him a short tutorial. Just thought I’d share that. I’m 19 (almost 20) 5’7, 189lbs 8.87%bf BTW

The comment is usually followed by “Do you lift?” When I say yes, they just go “oooh” I have yet to figure that one out. Where on earth did they think I got my bicepts? Walmart?

dude from my experience, chicks love a shaved everything. my ex-gf said she now finds hairy guys gross, and all other girls are like “oooh thats so sexy.”

one time this I put my hairy forearm onto a female co-worker’s cubicle wall (tho its not a full wall it reached a bit below my mighty chest) anywho the femalw co-worker looked at my manliscious 100% RDA of man meat arm and I could tell she wanted em wrapped around her… she gave me a little bit of a smile then looked away shyly. Now if I had a shaved forearm she still woulda wanted me (as men fear me and women desire me) but the hairy forearm will live forever in her fantasies or so I imagine.

Freeb, I don’t think the chick was the one having fantasies… :wink: Funny ass post, man.

As for the main subject of this thread, I once had a female Nike store employee say, “You must take steroids, right?”. This was particularly amusing because at the time I weighed all of about 170 at 6’ tall (although I was ripped), so she obviously had no freaking clue about what someone who takes steroids looks like, but I just smiled and said, “No, but thanks for asking.”

Well I don’t have a story about myself. But my buddy does the “ultimate fighting,” not the real deal, but the semi-pro shit. We were at the convention center of another city which is about an hour away. There were quite a few people that I recognized from home. My buddy is a pretty big dude. 255 @ 5’10. Not sure what bodyfat he is, obviously not 4. Anyway, I’m sitting in front of two girls, that I recognize but didn’t know. One goes, about my buddy, “Look at those muscles, you can see them through his shirt, look at his arms.” The other answers in awe “Yeah, all he does is fight, then he goes and drinks beer. It’s pretty scary.” Oh man, that was good.

I doubt that really happened to you.

I just smile and say “thanks”. BTW think the weirdest compliment I’ve got was about my legs. There were like five chicks who said something last summer like, “nice legs” or whistled then commented. I felt like such a piece of meat, so dirty… sniffel sniffel heh heh =). Weird nevertheless for a guy to be getting from a chick.

Only chicks want to look like me…hmmm, maybe I am a fag??! oh well, aparentley I would make a pretty hot chick with the right treatment.

Thank You!!

When someone walks up and asks how much you lift/bench/etc., do you actually tell them? When they ask me, I hardly ever tell them, I just try to play it off. I do not want to sound egotistical or in any other way perpetuate the “muscle head” stereo-type that those before us have saddled us with. I was hoping I might hear some cool responses on this post, as I am not very witty.