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People You Want to Succeed in 2011


There seemed to be so many good responses to the people we want to see disappear, I thought it might be good to hear who some of you would like to see succeed in 2011. Who knows, maybe some pepole will discover something they didn't realize they would enjoy.

My choices:
Jason Ellis - If you don't know who this guy is, find out asap. His talk show alone makes a Sirius Radio subscription worth the price.
Nitro Circus crew - sure it's pretty much Jackass with engines, but it rocks.
Marissa Miller - really I could name any of the Victoria's Secret models here. I just wanna see more of every hot chick alive this year haha.


Don't push your luck newb. Be happy with your other successful thread.


I want me to succeed. Selfish yes, but I still want that.
My brother- we'll be living together for the next five months, before he goes on a mission. I hope he does well.
I would like to see the BYU football team succeed going independent.
The Texans (hah! who am I kidding...)


The only people I want to succeed are PMPM and Iron Dwarf. I hope the rest of you fail miserably at everything you do this year.


Me Myself and I

and my family

and some of my friends.

and T-Nation


Sarah Palin's assassin

(oh relax I was half-joking)



I want something better than ANACONDA to come out this year... If possible.

Or common sense could succeed and the world will be a better place.

LOL as if that'd happen.


Steve Jobs - Get healthy you SOB.




Thanks for the advice Pootie Tang. I'll try not to move too fast here haha.

debraD, you're one of my new favorite people hahaha. No, I wouldn't wish something like that on anyone, but I like your twisted humor :wink:


DB Cooper
the person who DB Cooper paid to kill everyone on DB Cooper's "people who should disappear in 2011" list.
The mods, at erasing TheBird's "tweet, tweet" sign off on all of his motherfucking Godforsaken posts.


Nitro Circus lol. You know one of these days Travis Pastrana is going to back flip a monster truck on a 45 degree slope and he isn't going to come out alive.


I want Cooper to succeed on getting our freaking farm already


Myself. My friends. My family. Fellow Members here on T-Nation (especially the BOI). Anyone working on getting us out of the middle east. Evan Centropani in the bigger competitions this year. Just a few off the top of my head.


Thanks, BL. But I'm wondering why just PMPM and myself (2 short people).


Maybe biglifter is actually Randy Newman, and, after all these years, he is trying to make amends for that nasty song about short people.


My family
The company I work for
Ron Paul

Grabs shield and awaits arrows of hate


Jerry Jones: for my Cowboys
Mack Brown: for my Horns

And the most important of all:

My Daughter for becoming a mother at the age of 17, my mother had me at 17 and I had my son when I was 17. Keeping up the family tradition was not something I ever wanted, but the damage is done.


Wow. That was nice of you. Probably a trick of some kind....


On the plus side you have a legitimate chance of getting to see your great-great grandkids.