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People Who Want to Change


As we all know, if someone is fat, the only way they are going to change is if they REALLY want it. Problem is, alot of people look for a quick fix, when the real solution is to fix your diet and hit the gym hard.

I was watching the Maury show today (yeah yeah.) and they were talkin about people who were ugly nerds in highschool, who got on the ball and turned themselves around to become gorgeous (I mean STUNNING). One of the girls went from probably close to 300 pounds to being a professional model, looking lean, fit and hot.

When asked what she did, her response was pleasingly simple, all she said was Gym and watching my what I ate. No fad diets or quick fixes. Just straight-forward hard work.

I wish more people were like that, had that drive to better themselves. I weighed 275 at 6 foot 1 and was quite the pudgester. Since mid-march, I hit the gym hard and strictly monitored my diet and have since lost 60 pounds, mostly fat.

Just something I saw today that gave me hope for the future.


Good for you but you forgot the pic


of me or her lol?


I think pics of the "hot model girl" is a safe assumption.


I'll look for one, but the show was new today, so hopefully this tides you over

I'm sick of hearing people asking me if I have some great "secret" to shedding fat. It's no secret that the way to shed fat, is to eat less and workout more.


Alot of people don't want to change anyway. Even the ones who do, find out quick that they had the same problems they had when they were overweight and give up. Losing weight is not a magical cure to a shitty life.


SHUT UP! Yes it is.



Wait not that kind of "Change"???


I lol'd




x2. I never get sick of being asked how I did it. I like to spread the good word: heavy lifting and eating clean.