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People Who Noticed a Libido Improvement from HCG

More guys over at Excelmale claim this, but, if you claim to have gotten an increase in libido from HCG, how long did it take, and did it only begin at a certain dose (if you tried different doses)?

Please don’t add to this if:

  • you’ve been on HCG the entire time

  • you’ve never taken HCG

  • you did something else at the same time that was more likely the reason

  • If you noticed a libido decrease feel free to point that out

Curious what everyone has to say!

I started on test C 150 mg and HCG 300 iu 3X a week. I lowered HCG to 150 iu 3X a week and did not feel different. I dropped HCG and did not feel different. Just my experience.

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Just seeing the “on the entire time”

Definitely improves libido for me. No question. I actually just made a thread about this recently asking people the same thing.

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Been doing 100iu EOD for a little over a week, and there was a gradual difference. Its a controlled and biased type of libido for me. I suppose its focused and its more like on hunting mode. My mind looks for attractiveness and finds it, or knows to move on. I have noticed that HCG injection days can easily be erotic. Hope that makes some sense. The benefit at 100iu EOD is that the boys are back online and being full at low dose is also giving me good vibes.

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I used to run HCG every 3 months or so, 250iu 3 times a week for a month. Simply to keep the “boys online”. In the beginning yes, definite libido improvement but it isn’t worth the last 10 or 12 days for me. I feel like crap, irritable as fuck and libido drops. Often takes about 3 weeks after the HCG to feel good again. I don’t take HCG anymore even though I’d like more volume and ejaculate.
I’d also guess that, for me at least, the increased libido is due to the higher test in my system. I’d surmise this could be achieved with a higher TRT dose.

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Try a more stable approach of 100iu EOD.

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You know my story with that

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What do you mean?

Just found that thread actually, good stuff

Not much of a response in mine either, but I believe some of us may benefit greatly from HCG in the libido department.

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You said don’t add if On the entire time lol so I deleted my comments.

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I got a decent boost from HCG. I started it 8 months after I started TC. I take 375 IU M-W-F. Sometimes it feels like my balls are glowing, as if there is activity going on. And, there is because my TT went up a bit higher.

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Well after a couple weeks on HCG, and my libido improving to where it was months ago, I decided to pull the plug briefly and see what happens. Also because I’ve been dealing with a lot of fatigue lately.

No noticeable difference in fatigue, but libido seems to be back down to zero.

I’m not sure HCG is the cause of this problem, but it sure seems like it was benefitting me.

I did notice it was hard to get hard on it…going to wait for bloodwork to come back, and consider lowering T a little and starting HCG again.

Also what the hell are we going to do if/when the FDA bans HCG?

I think the problem is you are saturating the LH receptors 24/7 when natural LH is pulsatile.

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I mean, the same applies to androgen receptors

I think it’s to a lesser extent and why not everyone will feel good on a daily or EOD protocol, some actually need levels swinging to feel good on TRT. There is a small crowd that never feels right on injections and need cream which gives them more variation in hormone levels.

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Not really. There are always androgens circulating even if they’re pulsatile in nature. Your test doesn’t drop to hypogonadal levels when they’re not peaking. LH on the other hand is totally undetectable at certain times of the day.

Edit: I stand corrected, it looks like someone posted evidence further down in this thread that lh is pulsatile but always present as well

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Thank god I ruled myself out of that with my short lived T prop experiment lol

The point of daily injections is to use a long ester more frequently (of those doing it for TRT). Using a short ester more frequently isn’t the same. It’s basically just using a short ester how it’s intended. Sort of like taking small amounts of a time release drug more frequently would be different than taking small amounts of a more immediate release version of the drug. What you did was try Test Prop as TRT which most that post about trying it never end up sticking with it. Guys in the pharma section do Prop daily or EOD regularly when doing cycles.

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