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People Who Must Be on Steroids


I don't buy half of these, it is cracked magazine though so I took it with a grain of salt, that site is hilarious.


HGH is a steroid?


I definitely do believe Christian Bale pumped himself full of AAS and was probably chomping down 6,000 - 7,000 calories per day to pack on that kind of mass in such short time.

I'm an AAS user myself, and spent a great deal of time training naturally. Even those "omfg, you can get that big naturally eeeasy!" people have to agree with this one. The way he looked in Batman Returns is very easy to achieve, but to go from a walking spaghetti string at 120lb to 220lb at an apparent 11%BF in half a year is definitely AAS.


This was supposed to be amusing? Just straight up playa' hatin' for celebs that decide to hit the weights and tighten their diets instead of staying skinny or fat. Exert any effort to be above average and it's gotta' be roids', flippin typical. The only confirmed case on the list is Bonaduce, BTW. Maybe you should consider what your associates are saying about you behind your back, pard'...


Proves how expert these guys are on the subject. Probably were eating doughnuts and drinking Pepsi when they wrote this twaddle...


A stupid article indeed, but I agree Bale would not have been able to pull that off without some help. He put on something like 100 pounds in 25 weeks and was just as lean as before. Phenomenal dedication to his craft to put work like that into a role. He's amazing.


hahah I laughed at that too

but cracked is a humor magazine, I just thought it would be fun to post this.



But Christian Bale was big before the Machinist, so what he did was lose all that muscle mass and then he just got it back. It might be possible with muscle memory and all that crap.


I don't know what to think about Bale, he is certainly one of the most dedicated actors (he was pretty ripped in American Psycho) regarding this sort of thing. 100 pounds in 6 months though? I don't know enough about AAS to say yes or no.


I just saw the article and came to post it here...too slow...

Did I read on here that Dr.Dre worked with one of the authors from here, or did I just think that up?

Pretty uneducated article.


Stan Mcquay


Holy shit the Christian Bale transformation is ridiculous.


I'd have to agree with most posters here. I think the Christian Bale transformation was phenomenal, and that he most probably used AAS. He'd never admit to it, but it's still no less impressive a transformation, even with AAS use.

He made those gains not in a year, but within 8 months...so go figure! I don't think that could be done naturally, even with muscle memory.


Yeah Bale has a crazy transformation. If you watch the Machinist its painful just looking at him in the movie. One of the best actor of our generation.


I've made a similar physical transformation, from the type of build in the Machinist, to the type of build in Batman. So far I've gone from an emaciated 127lb to a decent bulkier size of 190lb, but not as ripped.

I am still working on it and it's taken me about 18 months, not 8 months - with AAS use. So that is fuckin' crazy and dedicated, what Bale achieved.


Talking about Dr. Dre in that article, I think it's ridiculous that people are bagging him for losing fat and gaining muscle.


In that linked blog, they're saying comments like "nigga look like the incredible hulk. gay shit" and that he looks terrible. So they preferred him as a fat, pudgy rap producer and don't like to see him getting in better shape.

This comment was particularly stupid: "he is still dre.he is one of my heros butt takin drugs is not the best way to get the kind of body you would like to have.i dont know,why hes doin that he got so much money."

Like, wake up! It's okay for Dre to openly talk about drinking alcohol and smoking chronic weed in his music, but it's not okay for him to use AAS? Talk about double standards. What an unhealthy culture.


Those comments are ridiculous and funny. It seems like being a former drug dealer of various illegal recreational drugs is par for the course...but anabolics...OH NO WATCH OUT!

You have songs about doing drugs, having sex, killing rivals...but if you actually want to take care of yourself. You MUST be on anabolics. People were making fun of Timbaland on that blog because he lost a LOT of weight. Say what???


It's funny how people who know zilch about bodybuilding (or exercise and diet, period) assume that anyone who put on one solitary ounce of muscle whatsoever must've used steroids.

Ed Norton? Not a chance. Did he add some good size over where he was before? Of course, but adding some good size is completely possible naturally, and he didn't add ridiculous size by any means, nor does he have the juiced-up, ultra-vascular "look" of, say, Carrot-Top.

Christian Bale? Likewise. I'm 99.9 percent sure he just worked out and ate a lot.

Others on the list . . . maybe they juiced. But not everyone who ever made any physique progress whatsoever used steroids.



The connection with Carrot Top and Bale is hilarious.

I just realized Carrot Top would make THE PERFECT Joker.


I'm on 'roids, I eat that shit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...fuckin' skanks