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People Who Lived Through Segregation

seriously.....imagine living through the riots and police dogs and separate but equal....and now there's a black president.


A historic American milestone for sure. And people to tend to forget that we're not that far removed from this area, a ten minute conversation with my grandpa before he passed away would certainly tell you that. No joke.

I just wish it would have been a conservative like Larry Elders, Alan Keyes, Walter Williams, or Thomas Sowell. Damn.


Obama's speech afterwards epitomized this, talking about the 106 year old woman that cast her vote for him.

When that woman was born, slavery had been abolished 50 years prior. Civil War veterans were still alive.

And now, she's cast her vote for a black man.

Only in America.


I am actually holding back tears of joy right now. For the first time in my life I am in awe and wonder of something that the majority of The American People (which are white)have done, and that was to elect the better man who happens to be black. Dr. Kings words are now gospel, and the "Dream" is material now.


Obama is not going to be as liberal as his supporters want him to be and the conservatives fear he will be.


I hope not. I really hope not.


If he doesn't want to be a one-term wonder, he better not be.


Agreed. His whole career indicates that.


I seriously hope that you guys are right.


I'm not sure why that would be the case. He's about the most liberal in the Senate.


From the outside,looking in,you guys have done yourselves proud in way so fundamental it's difficult to express.

Well done America.


Yea, he's all dreamy and stuff.


Noodle...that is part of my hope. At this point, I believe he will govern towards the center.

I am going with one of those investment caveats...past performance does not guarantee future results !

He has far more supporters than just liberals, which helps in that argument.


You're such a softie...


Hey, I am 48 y.o. and I can remember beginning elementary school when it was only the second year that any blacks had been integrated in our school.

That part of the speech about the 106 year old was truly touching and revealing.