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People Who Know About Thyroid and Iodine


Quick question,

I keep reading conflicting things about Lugols iodine solution.
Some sources say it is used for hypothyroidism and others are saying it is used in hyperthyroidism to slow production of thyroid hormones.

Which is true?


Iodine is needed by the thyroid to make T4. Too low t4 means hypothyroidism. I suggest against the use of high doses. Stick with 100-1000 mcg (not mg) of supplement if you ARE hypothyroid, and your iodine intake is low based on diet.

There’s a ton of more details around this, but I made a couple of videos about it on my youtube channel. Not a plug, but I definitely recommend checking it out.

All about iodine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz08EALSdnM&t=185s

Blood test results before and after supplementation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BywOWlYBoBI&t=234s


Thank you!
Will definitely check out the videos.

My Ft4 is in range but 14.5 on a range of 12-22 so I’m thinking this is why I feel drained all the time,TSH was 2.2 (0.5 - 4) in the UK where I’m from we don’t have iodised salt & for the past year i haven’t ate much seafood etc so I’m guessing I’m deficient.

Im gonna order full labs for thyroid and antibodies next week


No worries!

The t4 isn’t so low that it would cause any problems for most people, I think… And the fact that your tsh is right in the middle basically means that if your brain wanted to, it could send a stronger signal to your thyroid to produce more t4, which it probably would. TSH and T4 goes up and down throughout the day/week, so I doubt it’s any problems there…

That said, it’s always worth taking another blood test! It’s great that you’re at least taking things into your own hands and thinking outside the box, if you aren’t feeling great!

is there a consistency in your “drainedness”? when does it happen? have you checked other blood markers, like iron, testosterone, b12, d3 +++?

p.s. iodized salt is not really a good source… i wouldn’t worry about it. Either supplement, or eat more foods containing iodine. i prefer supplements :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking the time to respond.

1 month ago my TSH was 1.6 so I’m not dead set on it being my thyroid, it just got me thinking it may be as reading on this site it’s suggested closer to 1.0 is optimal.

I have bloods dating back 2 years and when I tracked the TSH result it ranges from 1.0 - 2.6 up and down over the 2 years so this ties in with what you have said about fluctuations.

My B12 is at the top of the range, my Vit D hasn’t been tested but I live in Spain and make sure I spend at least 30 minutes in the sun each morning so I’d assume this would be ok lol

My testosterone is low tho and I’ve just started TRT so maybe it’s just an adjustment phase.

I’ve done anabolics in the past and I usually feel full of life on high testosterone but so far 1 week in I’m not feeling great energy wise.

I’m gonna take a full thyroid and Hormone panel test next week to see what the numbers are.

My diet doesn’t contain much Iodine so I may still supplement, I found a 300mcg one today so will wait until tests are back and then start this.

I do take selenium tho at the moment and I know this is beneficial for thyroid health.

I watched your videos and the results were very good with your supplementation.

I think the iodine definetly has its place in the supplement cupboard.

Do you think you can take too much?

I did do a few drops of lugols which is high dosage on my arm a few times so it worries me if I’ve took too much and caused damage haha


Not feeling good after only 1 week, and you shouldn’t. It takes 6 weeks to reach a stable state so anything in between that time is irrelevant. So running tests 2 weeks of starting TRT isn’t going to provide much concrete information since you haven’t reached a stable state.

You’re also injecting smaller doses and it’s going to take time (6 weeks) to build up in your system. Each new injection builds upon the previous injection.


First, don’t worry about the lugols on your arm! it takes more than that…

I believe we need less iodine than some people say, yes. There is a camp in the iodine supplementation world that says we need sky high doses to cleanse out certain heavy metals… this MAY be true, I don’t know… It’s important to say that high doses should always be used in conjunction with it’s cofactors, such as selenium… That said, I definitely would not feel safe taking super doses of anything, so I stick to a normal healthy amount.

Yeah, my (and my brother’s) supplementation result were pretty awesome… my brother took another test a week ago, and it was still perfect, if not better.

300mcg sounds good. But yeah, keep in mind that supplementation is always something you should do if there is a strong reason for doing it… but i’m sure you’re on top of it!

Oh, and I would personally take a IODIDE supplement, and not IODINE. The reason simply being that there is no pure iodine found in nature…

If you’ve been low on testosterone, and are just one week in, that might change the situation, of course… you probably have more experience than me on that part though… I’m sure it depends a lot of the type of testosterone too… topical/injection/pellets/esters…

good to hear you’re getting sun! Norway is not easy! supplementing with D all year around 2500IU (EOD in summer though).


A single drop of lugols is pretty low dose supplementation. I do a drop on the arm a few times a week with 200mcg selenium.