People Who Have Ran EQ with Test: Side Effects?

I’m starting my cycle this week. And was wondering how many people.have used it and expirinced NEGATIVE sides? And if you have nothing but praise, why?

Doses will be500 mg test 500 mg EQ in a combo vial for 16 weeks with proviron stacked in the last 8 as well as HCG 250iu a week.

I have aromasin , nolva and chlomid on hand. Pre bloodworm showed all my numbers were really goood

I also have a extra vial of just test to run an extra week as I’ve heard that’s best, so EQ/test 16 weeks. Test alone17 weeks.provironthe last 8 followed by standard PCT

Im coming up to the 11th week of EQ, I think its one of those compounds where you dont really know if its working or not. I’ve seen a slight increase in appetite and considering im running Tren, I’m not winded so it may be helping endurance also.

Keep expectations low with EQ, if anything just use it to allow you to eat more which is a big plus on gear.


I think it depends how much you’re running

If you’re running ridiculous doses like 1500mg you’ll def see a big visual difference within 10 weeks or so

Anecdotally relatively weak mg/mg compared to say test or masteron in terms of size accrual/overall aesthetic effect… also appears to be (confirmed via one human study) far more damaging to the kidneys than deca/test so take that for what it’s worth

Im not too sure there. I was running 1000mg and I’m still not seeing huge changes. I’ve dropped it to 600mg since.

On 1000mg, my hematocrit was still normal so I guess it affects some people and some people not.


Is it possible the gear is bunk?

Furthermore, EQ appears to be one of those compounds where response is extremely individualistic. We don’t have enough data on it… but some proclaim “EQ is the holy grail”, they love the stuff, claim 300mg is all that’s needed for a massive benefit regarding aesthetics and aerobic output

Others say “anything under 600 is a waste” and some even say “I ran 2000mg, got nothing”… you don’t see quite this level of discrepancy with other compounds

It isn’t like tren, where anyone who runs 300mg or so weekly will see MASSIVE changes in their physique. With the HCT, largely genetic… my hct doesn’t budge at all on 250mg test, doesn’t budge from dbol, mast etc. others develop polycythemia, have a hct of like 55% from 150mg weekly

Always possible but I’ve been using the same lab for years, everything else is legit, not sure why only the EQ would be bunk.

This. Absolutely agree. Im giving it till 16 weeks for it to ‘shine’ but tbh by now, it should have done what it needs to, i would run it to bulk just for the appetite increase.


Yup, if you’re running 4-700mg tren weekly, it’ll almost certainly outshine EQ within every retrospect (aside from being really bad for you), tren is just THAT much stronger, thus throwing in some EQ may be the equivalent to pissing in the wind… or not, perhaps you’re merely a nonresponder of sorts

This is why I’m probably switching out my plan from test/EQ to test/deca (and… pain relief, id rather crippling erectile dysfunction than not being able to do like… 30 exercises that I like… and have generalised pain from normal activities like walking long distances). Would run proviron with it, but that’s three drugs in the realm of AAS and seems like a slippery slope for long term use, I’ll try proviron if my libido is absolutely crushed or when I manage to dip below 12% bf. Mesterolone has an oral bioavailability of only 3%, thus despite its paper rating, it must be an exceptionally strong androgen to induce an aesthetic effect at 50mg daily orally… must have rather potent metabolites in relation to neurosteroid activity too given it’s effect on libido and wellbeing

Well aware of the potential cardiac, endocrine and neurological complications here… call me out if my demeanor becomes blatantly altered. Don’t want to turn out like weightliftingwithoutlimits… next thing you’ll know my dose of deca will be 4000mg weekly

I’ll be sleeping WITH my friends girlfriends

If it were me, id run test and masteron 25%/75% or 50/50 with the deca. So if total AAS dose was 300mg, I’d do 50mg test/150mg Mast/100mg deca or 100/100/100. That should keep any nandrolone dick issues away. Test by itself would not provide adequate DHT conversion to wade off deca dick, from experience.


Hmmmm, perhaps… I’d say 125mg test 100mg deca and 25 mg proviron, but that’s far more expensive than mast…

However it’d equate to taking less weekly due to mesterolone abysmal oral bioavailability and would still pertain to being effective… so that’s what I’ll do… was actually going to do this anyway… Jesus, test+deca+proviron+ipamorelin… whilst the dosages are micro in nature, the sheer polypharmacy here creates many potential complications… more than are needed lol… but I’ll make some fat gains, be pain free

25 mg proviron daily is a very small amount, but should do the job. I don’t buy into the DHT/DHN displacement theory as DHT has a far higher affinity for the AR compared to DHN, whatever the effect on erectile function is induced by, its neurologically induced via one or more nandrolone metabolites, and perhaps DHN is the culprit, I don’t know…

Furthermore, the amount of deca one would have to take to fully saturate the AR would be obscene, we don’t even have literature to indicate what dosage would be required, but it’d have to be high enough to overlap the fact that AAS up regulate and lead to the creation of new androgen receptors… so high that it would supersaturate all receptors at a faster rate than they’re being synthesised @Singhbuilder

Through whatever mechanism (probably via upregulation of dopaminergic receptors/increased dopamine output) proviron appears to be excellent within regard to offsetting adverse neurological effects stemming from nandrolone usage. I’ve heard many a times those struggling to recover from deca implement proviron with TRT, problems vanish fairly quickly… others aren’t so lucky, but I’ve used nandrolone before and thus know exactly what to expect

Problem with proviron is it’ll crush my SHBG into oblivion. There are numerous processes within the body SHBG pertains importance within, there’s far more to it than just “it binds up T”… so I’ll be thinking about this, 50mg mast would have less of an overall effect… must think carefully here, perhaps I can just get away with the test/deca

You see 300mg/wk (100/100/100) that’s slightly too much for me to run for a while, to me that seems like being on a constant mild cycle. I want a little extra oomph, but 300mg seems excessive

None. It was like weaker test no sides.

I ran 500mg Test + 1000mg EQ (guestimations) and it felt like I was running more like 750-1000mg test but none of the sides I would get at the time from that much test (now I can run like 2000mg test only injection related sides).

It was easier to lean out, (very) mild strength boost and the biggest thing was my endurance/cardio was a ton better. I didnt notice an appetite boost because I am pretty much always hungry.

I ran 300mg test with 500mg EQ. Got nothing out of it. Felt like I was running low test solo. I won’t try it again.

RIP. If you survive the pip let us know how it goes.



Only for the masochists

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I love EQ. Mainly due to the low side effects at reasonable doses, and quality, long lasting gains.
200mg of Sustanon, and 375mg of EQ. Great cycle for me.

If its your first time don’t frontload, cause it takes weeks to build up before you feel it. It will hit you like a brick wall all at once, high blood pressure, anxiety.

The more cycles I did the earlier I was able to notice when it kicked in, developed an affinity to it. I got pretty strong on it too. Would be using it now if I hadn’t got busted for possession.

Like you have heard many guys don’t feel like it has much of an effect. If you are taking 1000mg/week on cycle of testosterone would it be better than 500mg each of test and EQ?
It depends on how you react to test, 1000mg of test to me, I would start to go bald quickly, get bad acne. Making the bulk of my cycle EQ minimised the side effects.

For me I wanted to avoid deca at all costs, same again with tren. That only leaves primo(expensive and hard to guarantee its not test prop or some other substitute), masteron good but perhaps a strong reputation for balding, so EQ was the obvious choice for me, less androgenic.
I never got the increased appetite that EQ has a reputation for, if anything I found it helped with fat loss. Mk 677 though massive increase in appetite, and fat loss at the same time!!!

A lot of pro’s like EQ, but they will probably be taking a shit ton of other anabolics at the same time. Despite that they credit it for vascularity and long lasting gains in muscle mass.

You ever taken deca before? There’s one source in Australia (can’t give out names) that sells compounded primo, but its 150 per 100mg/ml vial

There’s another that sells legit pharm grade primo but it’s even more expensive

Never tried deca before. I might try it but it would only be 100mg/week or something low, hopefully to reduce any risk of deca dick. I hear you need to get it compounded, rather than off the shelf now.

Genuine primo too steep for my budget. Big Pharma are the biggest crooks out there, not UG Pharma.

if you find out where people are getting compounded deca from (clinics etc) could you perhaps shoot me an email. I’d be very happy to try it legitimately… eventually

Well the vials has250/250 split so I plan to inject 2*aweek for total of 500.

I ran a test only cycle 2 years ago. Greatttt. Gains. 150-207 and stayed at 185 since. My bf is probably 18%rn but I eat a fuck ton of sugar which I’ve been cutting out. Of that cycle I had no issues coming off with PCT and didn’t use HCG on that one. I guess I’m just hoping the EQ will give me some hardness, strength and appetite. I believe I’ll be more than pleased visually with just test and proviron. I just want the EQfor some wingman effects if that .akes sense

My appetite is already shit. I don’t plan to.front load. I plan to run test and EQ 250 mg twice a week 16 weeks. Then an extra week of just test before I stop for my PCT. While also running proviron 10-12weeksafter the first 4-6 of just test /EQ my main worries. Loss of libido and anxiety. But at 500 mg I’m on the low side I suppose. Thirty thing is my vials are 250/250 split so whatever I dose one i have to do.the other. I suppose I could.bumo up to 600/600 on it. Tren, deca and dbol will never enter my system .I run mild stuff ajd I’m happy with the gains. I don’t need to weigh 280 and bench press 300. I’m just an average guy looking to give myself anothwr gOod boost since my last cycle ran greatttt. Straight test 500mg a week with no AI (I was super amateur about it) but no bad effects besides bloating and irritability. And after I can off it i leaned out great. Still had energy to do the same workout routines with just a bit lower weights

See this is what I’m wanting. I’m gonna run test/EQ 500/500 250 mg shots 2*aweek .I don’t want the EQ to make me bigger. I know it’s not gonna do that. I just want the added benefits behind the scenes. If it’s worth it for just that then that’s what I want. I ran a test only cycle two years ago and put on incredible gains. Had almost no crash after PCT. I came off really well. I’m hoping the EQ and proviron will just enhance the test. I don’t want results like deca or dbol and would never use that stuff. When I cycle I cycle mild. I will never prick tren, dbol, deca ,winny. The risk ain’t worth the end result to me. But I got gret gains off my first test cycle and figured these were the best mild ones to stack. However I’m open to more epxensive options but it’s so hard to trust most labs. I use alpha pharma and dragon pharma only as everywhere I’ve read says they are worth the $