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People that Should Disappear in 2011


So it is the start of another year. I thought it might be a good idea to vent on the people that you're tired of hearing about. Unfortunately, I realize there will be a whole new crop of so called "celebrities" that pop up this year and get their 15 minutes. However, these are a few of the people I hope we stop caring about this year cause I'm tired of hearing about them. Feel free to add to this list.

Lindsay Lohan - she is obviously an idiot and belongs in jail apparently
The entire Palin family - I don't care about anything that happens with anyone in this family and I'm not sure why they deserve time on television
Jersey Shore - Same as above, not sure how they get on television.
Brett Favre - I think he is a great quarterback but it's time to talk about something else.






Oprah. My prediction that she wouldn't make it to 2011 failed, and now I'm upset.




When I saw the title of the thread, all I could think of were Jersey Shore Cast and Lindey Lohan. You already got them, OP.

Done and done.


Lady Gaga


Justin Bieber


Hugo Chavez
Miley Cyrus
Demi Lovato (my daughter likes this drunken crack-whore's show)
Nancy Pelosi





Besides Iron Dwarf.




Miami Heat


The Dutch


Rihanna is wicked. Don't be a hater.


Edited for offensiveness. Apologies to Oleena.


This bears repeating.

The Jonas brothers, along with Miley Cyrus.


U Jelly?


x2 Rihanna has the best production/songwriters of pretty much any pop-singer right now.

I'd argue everyone on the list is awesome, though.


My face