people that piss us off

this thread is to talk about people that piss us off in regards to bodybuilding. so that means don’t go off on a tangent about the guy that cut you off today and gave you the finger.

theres this guy at school that smokes cigarettes, smokes weed, and occasionally sniffs crack. but he still works out, he does pushups and situps, thats his workout. anyways, i got pictures of guys like arnold up on the walls in my dorm room and every now and then hes like “those guys are gonna be so fat when they get older, because all that muscle turns to fat when you get older” and he also says stuff like “i dont see any reason for working my legs, i dont like working them” and sometimes i feel like bitchin him out and saying somethin like “y’know buddy, i’m not sure that all that smokin and sniffin is helping you out when you get older so maybe you should stop bitchin about a couple guys that are buffer than you are!” yeah thats exactly what i should say to him, that goddamn hypocrite.

now your turn to vent…

i’ll add a similar thought to this post, how about the guys who look at all your posters and mags and say " all those guys are on steroids etc etc…" i usually dont respond, even though i dont juice, my freinds who have and are squatting with six plates on each side, reguardless of what they use to enhance their output, they work their asses off in the gym. ever see a bar looking like its going to bend in half when someone is benching close to 600lbs, sorry, it takes a little more than just juice to get there!!

the “fitness supervisor” at the club i train at doesnt even work out. he told me, and i quote “i dont have the genes for that stuff!”

How about a gym teacher who looks at his students doing sit-ups and then shakes his head and says, “Guys, you’re ALL doing it wrong.”

One of the students: Can you demo?
Gym Teacher: Sure (lies down on the gym floor and bends his legs, feet on the floor, and attempts to raise his upper body, but his damn gut’s so HUGE that he’s merely twitching on the floor)
The student: Excuse me. What is that?
Gym Teacher: (gets up) Well, my lower back’s not good, so I can’t really show you how to do it, but let me TELL you how it’s done.

rolling eyes

Or how about:

Some random guy at the gym looking at me deadlift/squat:

“Why are you deadlifting/squating? You’re a GIRL!!! You’re going to be HUGE if you do that. Hey, there’s a nice leg curl machine for you to use.”

Or how about:

Me: (doing a set of stiff-legged deadlift)
Soy Boy: (Who, BTW, weighs maybe 140lb soaking wet at 5’6", stares at me the WHOLE frigging time – and I have to be semi-polite to him cuz he’s my co-worker…GRRR)
Me: (finish the set) What?
Soy Boy: I think you’re doing it all wrong. I mean, you seem to be using your hamstring and back. I think you should lift with your knees.

Then I ignore him and squat this time. After I’m done with my warm-up set, Soy Boy approaches again.

Soy Boy: Umm…it’s really bad for your knees to squat.
Me: They’re my knees to screw up. You squat?
Soy Boy: No. I can’t squat. I have bad legs.
Me: So why don’t you go away and do your own work out?
Soy Boy: Uh…like what?
Me: Why don’t you bench? You like to bench, don’t you?
Soy Boy: Yeah, I guess. I’m not that good.
Me: I’m quite sure you can bench at least 150 lbs. Come on, go bench and impress me.
Soy Boy: Uh…I only bench like 80 lbs. But I really don’t think you should squat. It’s not only bad for your knees, it also makes you masculine.
Me: (Seriously considering asking him to spot me while I squat so I can drop 200 lb weight on him – FYI – I can’t squat 200 lbs yet, but I can definitely drop it on him!)

The president of the United States of America pisses me of.

I mean, an idiot in the only remaining
superpower in the world.

I teach english conversation in Japan so I have heard some pretty stupid things ( “my favourite restaurany has a new cock”, “My house, LOOK he has behind house his” )
but the most retarded thing ever was when I was at High school…

" Who the f**K works their legs!! I get all the leg work I need from doing curls!"

You may laugh but it true!

Stella - go for it! Drop the weight on him already.;> If that seems a little harsh, just set up the safety bars and drop the weight on them while he’s spotting you. He’ll never bug you again.

chrismcl - if you have a picture of Arnold up on your wall, you can tell that guy that he’s obviously wrong in that case. And, you can put up a picture of Andreas Munzer and say “HA, he was ripped to shreds until the day he died.”

Stella, I echo dcb. You owe it to yourself and your country to drop the weight on this young man, who, like many, would serve better use as fertilizer than wasting oxygen.

Just finshed squatting, full deep squats, ass all the way down, trainer standing near by, says “You should wear a belt and never go down that far”, “Hey thanks man” says I. Do the next set same exact way I always do, trainer walks away shaking head.

Last set, another Gym rat asks if I’m done. Yep, and I start to unload the bar for him “No thats ok I use alot more weight than this” Guy jumps it to 405, un-racks, Breaks his knees and lowers about 3 inches, then yells and drives out of it. Loades 50 more pounds and does the same type of “Mini” squat, just as the Trainer is working with someone close by. After he finishes I say to him “Let me guess, this guy here showed you how to squat??”

I laughed all the way out the gym.

Actors and actress who don’t know a damn thing about forigen policy. And trys to get involved in them…

This is not a damn movie this is real life damn it…

Stick to Acting not politics…

There’s this total shmuck in our gym who walks around all day long, say over three hours, and only does like 3 lifts. He’s mid-age, has a constant tan, and wears the same crap everyday: otomix gay pants and a cut off flannel, which is always half-unbuttoned. And then, to top it off, he never ever does a full range of motion-not even in crunches!

Those with the least knowledge but give the most advice.

let me tell you what kind of people piss me off: guys (rarely will I see a woman use these modes of behavior) who act as though they got something to prove. I see these fuckin guys walk around like goddamn hard-asses, thinkin that they’re hercules, acting like king shit (i.e. king of all the shit, everywhere).
I grew up in a working class, irish-catholic, shit-hole town outside of boston and one thing that you didn’t do was fuck with shit you didn’t know anything about.
The guys from my hometown (includ: grandfather, father and two of my brothers) all worked at the steel fac, would have torn the arms off a goddamn, fuckin grizzly bear if some shit went awry, but they sure as shit didn’t go strutting around being hard-assed looking for someone to kick them in the ass.
the short end of a long story: overtly aggressive behavior belies insecurity and weakness.

dcb & MBE,

I did consider dropping 200 lbs on him very seriously. However, I realized that in order for me to drop the weight on him, I had to let him get close to me, and that was even more unbearable. I’d have screeched the moment his hands got close to me and beat him up with the Olympic bar while screaming “Ack! You filthy soy boy! How dare you try to touch me?”

So instead I threatened to run him over with my rental (I wanted to watch him try to run while I run him over – FYI – he can’t even jog much less run), and he finally went away and did some DB presses with 20 lb dumb bells. F****ng pathetic moron. The fact that he still thinks I’m his friend after all this is mind-boggling. He’s rated -10 on my T-Man scale (-10 makes you lower than the lowest sub-human/worm level).

He has more estrogen than me, given his love of soy beans which, BTW, he offered me EVERYDAY for MONTHS!!!

Stella who really dislikes soy products in general (and always hated them even before T-Mag dissed soy)

As you can see, Stella has a very high tolerance for suffering fools gladly…

What pisses me off? People who pass themselves off as teachers of English but don’t bother to spell or punctuate correctly. That’d be a big one.

Oh, in the gym? Sorry! Let’s see… People who refuse to believe anything anyone else tells them because they didn’t already know it themselves. Oh, and a lady doctor I’m currently teaching (English), who tells me that “proper” exercise is walking for 40 minutes a day four times a week “to where you breath a little hard”, and that anything else is excessive and bad for you. Mind you, she’s about 150 lbs of flab at 5’4".

-at work, lifting a 5lb box off the floor and being told by one of my co-workers “are you crazy, don’t you know to bend your knees when you lift something off the floor.”

-seeing a guy at the gym doing hyperextensions and wearing a belt.

-having fat people at work comment day in and day out about the healthy food I eat and they have the nerve to say things like “my grandma smoked and drank until the day she died and she lived to be 103, so why should I eat well and exercise?”

-a guy I work with told me he only uses a stairclimber for his legs because they make his legs nice and smooth, not masculine, “who wants to have muscular legs? Yuck”

-this same guy told me he had to stop working out because he gets too big, so he needs to take a few weeks off.

-being told by fat and lazy people that exercise builds muscle and muscle is bad for your heart. I still don’t get this one.

-?A BowFlex is all you need. Who wants the hassle of driving to the gym and all that when I can do everything at home and never ever get bored? The BowFlex is the best thing ever. EVER!?

-?all that tuna is going to kill you. I heard on tv that there?s mercury in tuna.? Being told this by an overweight person having pizza and coke for lunch.

-seeing people in the gym reading flex and trying to follow the workouts, like ?Lee Priest?s Quads With These 4 Easy Giant Sets.?

-guys using the dip assist machine and putting 195 pounds of assist on it and they?re 200 pounds and seeing them go like hell up and down for 30 reps over and over again, never trying to do even one on their own because they hurt.

-seeing this guy do 400 pound good squats. His form was so bad he lurched forward, then backwards, all the while bent at the waist with perfectly straight legs, like a good morning and then snapping the weight up with his lower back, like a hinge and being so proud that he beat last weeks record by 150 pounds. And me being asked to spot him. Go figure.

I could go on all day, but now I’m all fired up.

I’m with porter. Guys in the gym with their shitty attitude just radiating from their pissy face piss me off.

Best part is at my gym most of them are gimpy little fucks. Insecure? Gee, I wonder.

Plus, they do 1/4 squats in the smith machine (about once a month maybe, that is). How badly I want to go up to people who do that and just tell them how stupid they are.

Or I should make up a “the Smith machine is for pussies” sign and watch the fun unfold. :slight_smile:

Although it is somewhat similar to everything already said, Anyone who uses the word “toned”. I think i will smack the next person who “only wants to get toned”

Old people. Children. Hippies. Feminists.
:slight_smile: Groove

Lazy Pricks that don’t put away Iron or leave machines loaded…and Goofballs who think that dropping their weights on the floor makes them look like super heroes just cause they could lift it up in the first place…