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People Talking in the Middle of a Show

So I ran across this story about an incident at a Micheal Buble show in which two woman who were singing and clapping along got turfed from the venue.

My take? They deserved it, and I will detail why.

Me, I don’t really like any of Captain Bubbly’s tunes, and I know this because I decided at one point to listen to and watch one video he did. He dresses in formal wear, and has a classical orchestra as accompaniment. He music drones on and isn’t my thing, but this is not the point I am trying to make.

He does have a microphone he sings into, but he still isn’t really a loud show. Over the last number of years I have gone to many power rock shows of various sub genres in which one is best advised to bring ear plugs. At such shows people are commonly talking in the middle of the set, and even yelling. there might also be crowd movement that sometimes gets to the point of moshing.

And that is at that type of show.

I remember a few years ago I saw an act which was one person with an electric guitar who sang into a microphone. At one moment it occurred to me to ask someone in the crowd about something and he got annoyed with me for talking during the set. Really, I hadn’t thought it through and eventually apologized to both him and later to the lady performing. Later in the same show another act was a 4 piece, including drums and in that context several people did seem to be talking.

So judgement is key here.

If people would notice your noise as distinct from what everyone else is doing, you are out of order.

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If they got booted they must’ve been loud.

Fuck 'em

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Where they hot?

I don’t know, the story didn’t have a picture.

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this dude had a short fuse, wow.

aren’t people usually cheering or singing along during a music show / concert?..

Definitely depends on the show. I’ve sat through some with a mild buzz in a state of nirvana, and left others with a black eye and chucks of skin lodged behind my tooth from a nasty fall.

Generally if the show is atmospheric and melodic, shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride. If it’s just crunchy noise, shove someone and/or yell, if that’s your thing.

I wouldn’t go to Cannible Corpse or Dying Fetus expecting people to be quiet. However, if I was at a Mykur show, I’d be visibly ill at someone talking or yelling beside me. Know your venue.

Presumably internally.

they’re all hot!

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