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People Still Do DC?


Well, hello, everyone. So, I've decided that it is time that I make my first log on here in an attempt to keep myself honest and be more social at the same time. Yes, I do run DC and have for awhile now. I'm sure some of you will have little critiques and criticisms, all of which I am open to hearing. Hopefully, this will lead to my being a better lifter and will bring about as much fun as some of the other logs on here have. And, here we go.

Sunday-A3 (Caught me towards the end of a cycle)
Decline DB Press-70x25rp, 1min stretch with 25's
Smith Press-155x15rp, 1min stretch
Kickbacks(I know)35x15, 1:30 stretch(Really enjoy this stretch)
Machine PD-130x24(I prefer to go lighter and for higher reps on back), 1min stretch
HS High Row-80x10 followed by 90x5(This is per side and not total).

That was all for today. The things that I'd like to add on this session are that I am aware that kickbacks are not traditional. I just feel them very well and my triceps are not a lagging muscle group anyway. Also, my back is by far my worst body-part. That is why I choose to go lighter and really feel the muscle working. I hope to bring it up in the future. Well, that's all for now.


I’ve got a bunch of stuff Dante has written. I’ll be very interested to see how everything works for you.


God I’ve always wanted to do DC, but never have. Love Dante’s training advice (not so much on diet)

Excited to follow along. Mind sharing your entire exercise selection for each body part?


@csulli-Thanks for stopping in, man. I am really interested to see where this goes as well. I am planning on gaining for the next few months and really trying to push the weights up, and DC is just the thing to do it.

@Spidey-Yeah, I can do that.
Chest-HS Flat, Hex Press(also a weird choice, but I love them), Decline DB
Shoulders-DB Shoulder, HS Shoulder, Smith Press
Triceps-Dips, CG Bench, Kickbacks
Back width-LPD, V-grip Pulldown, Machine PD
Back Thickness-BOR, Seated Cable Row, HS High Row

Biceps-Cable Curl, Machine Curl, Preacher Curl
Forearms-Reverse Curl, Reverse Cable Curl, Pinwheel Curl
Calves-HS Calf Machine, Hack Calf Raise, Seated Calf Raise
Hamstrings-SLD, Seated Leg Curl, Goodmornings
Quads-Leg Press, Leg Extension, Super Squat Machine

And, there you have it, bud. I know that I have some nontraditional exercises in there, but I’ve run DC a few times and I just know what works for me. For instance, leg extensions would usually be a no-no, but I am VERY butt-dominant when it comes to squats. I ran SS before DC and my ass grew so fast I got stretchmarks, ha. I appreciate you guys popping in and would like to hear anything you have to say. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


Well I’ve never ran DC, and skinny and weak, so I can’t really comment on if your split is good. Reading Dante’s writings I would think that, at theworst, he would just say not to call this DC, though I don’t think that matters.

However, I did something a lot like this, except using Big Beyond Belief, and got good results I feel like. Meaning out of your 3 lifts for each bodypart, you seem to have a ‘easier’ one, isolation, non-CNS draining lift in there. It will probably allow you to ‘blast’ longer without having to ‘cruise’, so I don’t think it’s an issue.

What’s diet look like. Any pics?


Yeah, I agree that it is not a true DC routine. However, I have also seen so many guys obsess over the little things when it comes to DC, such as having the perfect exercise selection, to the point that they fail to actually make any real progress. Many fail to mold the program to their needs. As far as your point on having an “easier” lift in there, I completely agree. Not that I would condone just throwing some easy lift into your training, because that’s not what they’re there for. It’s just what you said: I like to have an exercise where I can really feel the muscle working in my cycle. Plus, I often make sure to have my “easier” movements paired with heavy compound movements. For example, I would not have cable curls and reverse cable curls together. I’d have a barbell variation with a cable variation.

On the topic of diet, I just bumped up my calories a bit because I had stopped gaining for a few weeks there. So, I’m currently sitting at just over 4,000. I make sure to get my body weight in protein, or more. So, most days it falls around 240-260. There’s really nothing magical about my diet. I eat a lot of cheeseburgers and drink a hell of a lot of whole milk. I’ll get a pick up as soon as I can. I’m just really bad at figuring that kind of stuff out. I’ll be sure to get one soon, though.


Okay, here you go.


Okay, guys, here we are again. Tonight’s workout was rough but I feel really good about it. I definitely put the work in. Here is what I did:

Preacher Curl-60x22rp, 1min stretch
Pinwheel Curl-30x11
Seated Calf Raise-95x12
GM-135x21rp (Have to watch out on these due to lower back issues), 1min stretch
Super Squat-360x10, 270x20 (This took it out of me)

I felt good about the curls, although I could have been a little cleaner on the preachers. I’m not into seated raises, but they weren’t too bad. The GM had my lower back a bit irritated, but I kept strict form on the last rest-paused set and finished strong. The super squat was the main event. My set of 10 felt smooth, but during my widow-maker I had these two guys standing not three feet from me just staring. All just so they could ask how many sets I had left. Kind of broke my concentration. Not bad, though.


Okay, tonight I wasn’t feeling it. I sucked it up and lifted anyways, but I don’t feel like it was a great session. Anyways, here’s what I did:

HS Flat-230x19rp, 1min stretch
DB Shoulder Press-50x28rp, 1min stretch
Dips-plus 25x15
BOR-165x10, 185x5

I didn’t even get my stretches in on my last few lifts. I’ll just have to hit it hard next time. Pretty disappointed in myself tonight. My next session is my favorite “B” day, so it should be a good time. Stay tuned for more.


Okay, guys. I came down with something the other day and missed my workout. However, I’m back in it and I’ll post the two workouts that I’ve done since last time. Well, first we have my “A” workout from Tuesday. I switched out Hex Press for Flat DB Press.

DB Press-75’sx20rp, 1:15 stretch
HS Shoulder Press-190x15rp, 1:30 stretch
CG Bench-205x12rp, 1:15 stretch
V-Pulldown-135x22rp, 1min stretch
Seated Cable Row-120x10, 150x6

Not much to say here. I am trying to slowly work back up to longer stretches, but damn they hurt. Guess that means I’m doing them right. I’m reasonably pleased with my progress, but I’m hungry for more. Can’t wait until I’m pressing the 120’s. I was happy with my CG bench. My triceps are a strong point. Still working on hand positioning with the HS press.


Now, here’s my latest “B” workout.

Machine Curl-65x25rp, 1:15 stretch
Reverse Cable Curl-40x14
Hack Calf Raise-110x10
Leg Curl-90x15
Leg Extension-190x10, 170x20

I forgot to do my leg stretches. Botched that one. However, I’m pleased with how this one went. Machine curl is giving me a hard time. Very slow progress on that one, but I don’t want to give it up just yet. Calves were on fire by the end of my raises. That 15-sec hold at the stretch on each rep is killer. Leg curls were a bit sloppy, but nothing horrible. The widow-maker on the extensions hurt so good. But, that is pretty much it for now. I’ll be back at it again on Sunday.


In for this!

DC was interesting and “fun,” but I’ve kind of come under the belief (totally my own opinion) that it probably shouldn’t be ran without super supplements. And, I have a really tough time grasping HIT-esque training for overall progress (between strength + size.)

Not saying that to dissuade you - but this will be good. Stick to the plan closely, and you’ll see some results.


Hiya bro.

DC is an interesting path to traverse. at times, a lonely road but it teaches you to dig deep and give each rest pause set horns.

I’ve had tremendous success on DC both with and without chems. I think my body simply responds well to the template and the rest.

interestingly, it has always left me looking much thicker and denser as opposed to other methods of programming.

sticking to it will only get you to great places. It also accompanies the question: you wanna train for now, or forever?


Hey, guys. Thanks for stopping by. I am just as excited to see where this all goes. I plan to hit it hard over the coming months. I am not on any “super supplements”, ha. However, that won’t prevent me from giving it my all. Excited to show you guys what I’ve got. Until next time.


Here is an update.

Decline DB Press-80’sx23rp, 2:00 stretch
Smith Shoulder Press-175x15rp, 1:30 stretch
Triceps Press Machine-130x20rp, no stretch
Machine Pulldown-130x20rp, 1:00 stretch
HS High Row-90x10, 100x5 (per side)

I got at it last night. I was using the 70’s for DC Press last time. A 10lb jump isn’t bad. I had been struggling with the Smith press for a long while, but I finally broke through with a 20lb increase. I switched out the kickbacks finally. The triceps press machine wasn’t too bad, but I fear I’ll max it out in just a few weeks. The MPD wasn’t bad. I hit a 6 rep increase. The rows I went up 10lbs. I’m happy overall.

However, it does seem that I strained my lower back getting into position for the DB press. I’ll have to watch that from now on. Something that has been worrying me is that I might be consuming too much milk. I have been smashing whole milk for, gosh, two years or more now. I’m starting to think that it is finally catching up with me. Maybe too much calcium? If anyone knows of cheap (I’m broke) alternatives to getting in that 2400 calories, I’d be forever grateful. Until next time.


I joined the military in 2010, and weighed in at 82kg, after completing basics and corps training I was 69kg and looking like a wet cat. So I played around with so many programming and eating methods, that I stagnated and kept rebounding. After eventually reaching a sticking point of 76kg, I decided to give DC a go.

Being in the military, getting enough food to provide a caloric excess was quite difficult. Milk gives me the shits so I avoid it as often as possible. But somehow, chocolate milk as well as ice cream manage to stay down pretty well.

There are cheap options, but you have to be prepared to change things up as well to avoid allergic reactions.

You’ll have to buy bulk, so it will be cheaper. Keep on your list:

peanut butter
Cereal (kids cereal is awesome for spiking insulin and makes me feel satiated before bed)
wholewheat pasta/instant noodles
hot sauce - goes on everything when shit gets boring.
dried meats - here in South Africa, we have biltong, not sure what your alternatives are.
vanilla ice cream.
powdered custard
chocolate drink powder

Regarding weight gain, don’t be afraid of a little extra thickness and blubber. pack your food in. I found that having 4 slices of bread, along with peanut butter and syrupt kept my macros high and placed me in a great zone for weight gain. I eventually managed to push myself up to a nice and thick 92kg. although my cheeks did show I was loving life! I’m now cut down to a much leaner, more functional 87kg and train for MMA, although, I still love my high rep leg presses, and have kept the strength gains from DC.

The trick to staying lean is to slowly introduce bigger portion sizes and let your body adapt to the new feed intake. Up the macros too quickly and your rectum will start to feel like a balloon that’s been blowing all day.

If you’re not supplementing with protein or taking a weight gainer, you can make your own by blending, some eggs, oats, vanilla essence, milk and peanut butter. great morning shake and post workout shake.

Drink in excess of 2litres of water prior to working out… it really maximises your pump, and is quite excellent.

Do steady state cardio religiously, and use a belt to support your lifting. You’ll have to look into some prehab/rehab strategies for your back.


Replacing the milk is pretty easy IMO. I’d rather not drink my calories anyway, but it costs less to just eat whole foods then just use milk. If you want something easy to drink, cheap vanilla whey + orange gatorade/dextrose/juice tastes like a dreamsicle. Adding some VCO to your coffee gets quality fats added quick. Honestly just 80/20 beef + whole eggs + rice is a quick, easy, high calorie meal, that won’t cause the issues of milk.


Wowza, the PWO mix sounds hella charming Spidey, defs gonna give that a try!



I tried to post this yesterday, but it didn’t show up. Here we go again.

Preacher Curl-70x20rp, 2min stretch
Pinwheel Curl-30x11(Tied last time)
Seated Calf Raise-100x20(Have to go for high reps because the machine doesn’t allow for a good stretch)
Good Morning-185x15rp, 2min stretch
Super Squat-410x10, 320x20, 1min stretch

Well, that’s about it. In other news, I’m graduating in a few weeks. Pretty stoked. Also, I hit an all-time high for weight recently at 250lbs. That’s all for now. Until next time. Hopefully this doesn’t post twice or something.


Do you feel comfortable RP’ing your goodmornings? Are just doing them from a dead stop? Are you doing arched back good mornings rounded?

Congrats on the life PR in graduating and the BW PR of 250